Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Father Of The Bride's 2-Piece Suit

Today is a day that will go down in the Song family history. For it was today that Mee and I finally managed to drag Dee to – not one, but – TWO tailors! =D (You have no idea how difficult it has been to get that man to have his suit tailored for the upcoming nuptials. No idea. -_-''')

The first shop we visited was Spark Manshop at G Hotel where The Fiancé had his suit tailored much, much earlier but... they've closed down! Uh oh. So we ran a search and quickly consulted Google. In under 10 minutes, we were outside another man's tailor at Bellisa Row, Pulau Tikus. Ahh, the wonder of the iPhone modern technology. =)

So anyway, today, I realised that men and women approach custom-made clothes differently. And my conclusion is... women are so much more advanced with our clothing and this tailoring thing! Seriously! We have colours, and within colours, we have shades. We have cuts, and within cuts, we have fit. We have designs, and within designs, we have details. It all goes sooo much deeper into the rabbit hole!

With men's suits, you're just offered ONE set options, to which you only pick one, or the other. Like 2 buttons or 3 buttons? Slim cut or straight cut? 1 dart or 2 darts? With fold or no fold? And that's it! After you've decided on all that, you move on to a choice of colours and materials for the suit. And trust me, between black, grey and dark blue, they all look pretty much the same. *snorts*

 The suit material we had to choose from.

But Dee was already bored and ready to die of boredom at the hands of the dude with the measuring tape by this time so he didn't complain or make a peep. =p

 Dee being measured.

Dee was made to try out a pair of dress pants that were made
waaay too short for him. Very a la Michael Jackson. =p

The whole process took about an 45 minutes. Now, we've just got to sit back and wait for the first fitting that's set to take place next week – much earlier than I expected, to be honest. Anyway, let's hope that all goes well and the suit looks great on him, and makes him look great, too! =D


Jin said...

how much?

Pam Song said...

– Less than RM2,000 I think. Not sure leh. Hahaha.

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