Wednesday, May 25, 2011

With Love, From India

None of my bridesmaids are up here in Penang with me. One's in KL, one's in Singapore, and the furthest one from me is currently far, far away in India. (Shocking, I know.) Well, that far, far away bridesmaid recently sent some snail mail love my way. And I loooove snail mail! =D

 Snail mail from India.

Inside it was a little surprise gift. And I loooove gifts, too! But no, it wasn't a heartfelt letter. It wasn't a cheesy card either. Instead, she sent me a teeny tiny little notebook with a 4-sentence message that had me in fits of laughter when I read it and reached the end.

 The message.

What the message said.

ELEPHANT POOP??? Haha. No way! You've gotta be kidding me. And at first, I really thought she was kidding about! Who knows, right? Maybe 8 months of Indian fried rice finally got to her hips and made her loopy. =p But then I turned the notebook around and spotted this little stamp on the back.

@_ @

Can't see what it says?
Nevermind. I zoom in for you.

And I quote:

Made using only the finest dung
available in India"

Gotta love Indian humour. =p


Dear Bridesmaid in India,

Thanks for the gift! And for
the laughter that came with it. =)

Pam Song


Simon Seow said...

Oh, an environmental friendly card made of recycle poo. I saw in Amazing Race that in the rural area of India they use cow dungs to make burning source

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Simon Seow
– Hahaha. They damn environmentally friendly lah. Recycle everything! Probably cos too many ppl giving out too much waste already. If they dun do anything about it, nanti worse!

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