Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Perfect Ending To The Weekend

Last Sunday evening, I happened to chance upon the sun going down behind the hills and rooftops from the balcony of the new house. And I must say... it was a breathtaking sight. In just 8 minutes, the sky went from amazing... to abso-fabulous-ly amazing. Having said that, I'm thankful I had my GF2 on hand to capture it all on film JPEG. =)





Amazing, huh? But that's not the end of it. Although I didn't know it then cos I got distracted by a passing aeroplane so I started shooting that instead. =p

The plane passed and before I knew it, dusk had settled. And as if by magic, the sky turned even more brilliant than it was just 3 minutes before! I wouldn't have believed my camera if I hadn't witnessed it myself with my own two eyes! Look!




Isn't that sky something???

Ahhh, if that is the view I am to expect from my bedroom's balcony at the end of every rough and tough working day, I'm thinking life could be pretty sweet after the wedding. Provided The Fiancé is there to enjoy the breathtaking brilliance of our tropical sunset with me, of course. =)


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