Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kuala Lumpur, May '11: Of Fittings And Things

After checking-in to InterContinental Kuala Lumpur (formerly known as Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur) and getting caught in the buzz of a photo frenzy thanks to the gorgeous Premier Room we had to ourselves, we shot off for my first fitting with the designer of a gown I ordered.

Freshly brewed tea. Home-made concoction by the designer himself. =)

Got myself measured, poked and prodded by the designer's female assistant, then made arrangements to go back to the studio for gown collection in 2 days. (Wow, those people work fast!) After that was done, we hurriedly shot off to a bridal house in Petaling Jaya to sort out the down payment for my actual wedding gown as well as to collect another evening gown I'd ordered much earlier. Kautim-ed all that in under 3 hours and it was zoom zoom back to the hotel for dinner. (Dinner deserves a post of its own. =p)

As of now, I've got two of my gowns
hanging from the door knobs of my wardrobe doors
and getting in the way of my dressing table. Haha. =)

My two gowns in their protective, urm... dress bags?

2 dresses down, and 2 more to go! One of the remaining two is due for fitting and collection in about 2 weeks, while the white wedding gown's only due for fitting and collection 2 weeks before the wedding. Can't wait for that time to come to pass then I can relax, and be sim cheng already. Phew!

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Jin said...

so excited for you!

Pam Song said...

– Haha. Thanks! I think it's the wedding buzz that's going around for all soon-to-be-married couples. Haha.

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