Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And The Scales Fell From His Eyes

Last night, I arrived for dinner an hour later than planned. Because of that, the rest of The Fiancé's family were already done with dinner. Whoops. :-/

Anyway, since The Fiancé doesn't quite believe in solo meals, he very kindly hung around while I ate my potato chicken and drank my soup in silence. Good food. I like. So, I hungrily tossed a spoonful of food into my mouth and looked up. Only to find the dude staring at me with a weird look on his face.

Pam Song: Wat?

The Fiancé: Eh, you very fair huh?

Pam Song: *raises one eyebrow* Urm... yeah?

The Fiancé: Nice hor?

Pam Song: *raises other eyebrow* Urm... I suppose.


The Fiancé: ...Real ah??

Pam Song: @_@ ?!? Of course lah! 

The Fiancé: Oh... Ok.

*another bout of silence*

The Fiancé: Or is it the lighting?

Pam Song: Wth? -_-'''

We grew up in the same church, all the way from mid-primary, and eventually started dating exclusively in January 2002. After almost a decade of going out and 2 whole decades of knowing each other, he asks, "Real ah??" -_-''' Is he for real ah?



gabe&O said...

LOL hilarious!!1...perhaps the wedding preparation stress is starting to take it's toll on him haha

Pam Song said...

ATTN: gabe&O
– Can you believe it? 2 months before the wedding and NOW only he starts looking at me. -_-''''

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