Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ink On Skin

Walked into the Studio today and saw Jun-Jun
with ink on her shoulders. BOTH shoulders.

But who did it?

Hiyashi the Copywriter, Suki, her partner, the Art Director,
and Jun-Jun the one-screw-loose Account Executive
getting high on her imaginary cigarette. =p

Two women. One pen. Both, partners.
But who will take the fall for this??

The Copywriter? Or the Art Director?

QUESTION SCENARIO: The Copywriter was the one holding the pen with a guilty face when I walked in. The Art Director, however, got her panties up in knots when the Copywriter wanted to add words. So... WHO DID IT?


Vin aka Hiyashi said...

I think we all watched enough movies to know that the first and easiest suspect is never the guilty one, right? :P

Seriously. IT WASN'T ME!!

Soh Hong Wei said...

Interesting idea there... Too stressed up at work? =)

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Vin aka Hiyashi
– Hahahaha. BUT YOU HAD THE "MURDER WEAPON"!!! Hahahaha. *doubtful*

ATTN: Soh Hong Wei
– I dunno them lah. Haha. Maybe stressed. Maybe bored. Maybe work until siao liao. Haha.

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