Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Kena Bomb Lagi

And this time, it was by my nursery classmate / primary school best friend whom I met up with just yesterday night after not having met or talked to her for... I dunno... 15 years?? Haha. No kidding. I think the last time we met was back in November 1996. During my annual birthday sleepover. When we hung out, talked lots, slept little and took 32 pictures by film. HAHA. Wowza! That was a long time ago! Way before the days of Facebook or mobile phones. =p

Anyway, I'm glad to say that even though I fretted a little about that meet-up and worried unnecessarily over not being able to click again, it was all in vain. For we could still yak and yak about life, love, mutual friends and days gone by! So, yak away we did all through dinner till she had to catch her bus back to Singapore. Haha. I guess 15 years of incommunicado is not a problem for us. Phew! =)


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