Friday, May 20, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Here's an update on
my wardrobe clearance plan:

It has been going well. =)

I've donated a good number items to the Salvation Army, and tossed away some others. But there's still so much I need to go through! *headache* So I've decided to take it up a notch. Bring it to the next level. Be b-r-u-t-a-l.

This weekend, I'm putting aside everything that isn't nice enough to be worn out, and from whatever's in that pile, I'm tossing out anything that isn't comfortable enough to sleep in. Yep, that's the plan. Wish me luck! =D


Jin said...

i bet u wont throw your shoes away

Pam Song said...

- Hah! That's where you're wrong! I just tossed away a pair of shoes in KL. *smug*

RealGunners said...

a pair out of a gazillion pairs? :P

and, i suspect your plan won't be brutal enough... maybe you should just throw everything and buy new ones :P

Pam Song said...

ATTN: RealGunners
– Making space for new ones - that's pretty much the whole point of throwing anything away anyways, right? Hahaha.

And no laaa... I dun own a gazillion pairs of shoes.

Lissa said...

Good luck. :)

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Lissa
– Thank yew!

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