Tuesday, March 09, 2010

12 Things You Didn't Know About Me: The Stuff I Watch Edition

1. I follow Grey's Anatomy religiously but I actually can't stand Meredith Grey. She annoys the hell outta me.

2. I personally think that McDreamy should have chosen Addison instead.

3. I think Lexie Grey makes a real hot blond. Heck, she makes me wanna go all blondie, too!

4. I think that 24 is stupid. The idea behind the drama is cool. But the whole thing's just stupid. Especially Bauer's daughter. Stupid girl who does stupid things. Like live.

5. When I watch CSI, I like predicting who the murderer is. And I say it aloud. Haha.

6. CSI: Las Vegas is the one and only true CSI! Rawr rawr rawr! I beh tahan Horatio from CSI: Miami. So pan cool. CSI: New York can consider ok-ok lah. One of the characters quite leng chai but I don't follow it so I dunno his name. =p

7. I wish they didn't call off Lipstick Jungle. I'm dying to know what happened after The Proposal. Me wants watching wedding!

8. I loved The Land Before Time. My heart used to break each time Littlefoot's mummy died. And it felt like she died so often cos I just kept watching it. T_T

9. The underwater scene in Pinocchio used to freak me out big time. So did the drunken elephant scene in Dumbo, come to think of it.

10. I used to be so crazy over The Parent Trap when I was in secondary school. I watched it so much, I even memorised the script.

11. I think that Liar Liar was Jim Carrey's best movie. Having said that, I cannot tahan the man and his brand of OA-kau-kau, super-slapstick humour.

12. I fell asleep watching Avatar. @_@ Forgive me, for I have sinned.


zecount said...


pamsong said...

ATTN: zecount
– In my defence, IT WAS A BRUTAL WEEK!

san ling said...

Heh...I agree with you on CSI..Horatio is one conceited a**. And i use to tear up when Diana Ross' song comes on in Land B4 time. I walked out of Avatar 3D..headache after 1 hour...

san ling said...

Er..tearing up doesn't mean i'm ga* ya..

Serene said...

haha. i heart land before time..i watched it religiously as a child..
and I cried everytime his mom died and when I hear the song ' if we hold on together' by diana ross..
I fell asleep watching avatar too..=p

zecount said...

i dun care if the cinema collapses ... u dun fall asleep watching avatar!

zecount said...

besides ... if it was a brutal week ... u should be SLEEPING AT HOME!

ChickLit said...

Don't blame you; Avatar was overrated anyway.

pooi mun said...

PAM SONG!!! LOL! You're too funny...I can't stand CSI: Miami too!! Horatio likes to do the one hand on hips and the other holding his silly aviators. And the pan cool part i.e. giving so called killer one liners and walking away...garh...

Yay to CSI: Las Vegas!

p.s: You're doing fine ya? long time no see! xxx

Vin said...

When you're big, you can push all the little ones around...
they're looking up while you're looking down...
three horns and long necks and duck feets too..

Please tell me I'm not alone at this. *sing along*

pamsong said...

ATTN: san ling
– I think we can all agree that Horatio sucks. =p

And ya, man. So sad lah when she starts singing, "Don't lose your way... with each passing day..." T_T

I didn't watch it in 3D cos I was worried I'd puke cos I was extra tired that day. Didn't really sleep the night before.

p/s: Never say you gay also. =p

ATTN: Serene
– I think you rock lah, Serene! You and me same same. Hahaha.

ATTN: zecount
– Dun pick a fight with me. I've got Serene on my side. =p

ATTN: ChickLit
– I liked it. I just didn't think it was AWESSUM... you know? I liked the floating jelly fishes best. =p

ATTN: pooi mun
– GAN POOI MUN?? Issat yew?? I hope you're doing awessum, too! =D


Yeah, Horatio very action. Cannot tahan him. He's the kind of guy who has to ACT cool. He's not naturally cool. Haha. And you're right about the pose and the aviators!!! I totally forgot about that. Ewwww...

– That's from Land Before Time III! I didn't like the others that followed somehow. Only liked the first. Maybe cos the journey's over. =p

san ling said...

Heh..just being safe..

estherlauderlyn said...

pam!! i always thought the drunken elephant scene in Dumbo is damn creepy too! Its so... high-on-weed-like isnt it? I just sat thru it just so I could get to the ending haha. A

Meredith greey is damn annoying I second that.

pamsong said...

ATTN: san ling
– Haha. Safety first. =p

ATTN: estherlauderlyn
– Damn freaky right??? I also cannot tahan. Summore with those bubbles in freaky man shapes. EEYER! The cause of many nightmares, this one.

Meredith sucks. Lexie hots hots hots!

Lissa said...

I hate Horatio too. :P And if you like CSI, you'll LOVE NCIS. ^.^ I already converted one of my friends into a fan. Hehehehehehe... He had an NCIS marathon and finished the whole season 1 in 3-4 days. LOL.

Land Before Time is amazing. I need to watch that again.

Never liked Grey's Anatomy because of the drama. House, M.D. was more up my aisle. :)

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lissa
– Haha. Looks like quite a lot of ppl can't stand Horatio, huh? And there I was thinking it was only me. =p

And yesss! I watched NCIS before also! But none of my friends download so I dun get to watch. T_T

I like House for his sarcasm. But the lovey dovey parts in Grey's appeals to me. And I think that Heigel is hot. =p Oh, and now Lexie, too. Haha.

Lissa said...

You can't download?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lissa
– Can. But it's so mafan. Easier to grab from other ppl. =p Besides... I don't do illegal stuff. *GRIN*

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