Monday, January 10, 2011

Today, I Almost Died

Went to Lorong Kulit to buy fruits
with The Fiancé and his mom today.

And almost died of a heart attack in the process.


You see, we missed the parking lot entrance – first and second – so we ended up having to park along the roadside and walking in. While passing through the gate, I suddenly heard a splat. Shit. L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y!! Worse, my acute hearing told me that that unnerving, all-too-familiar, cannot-be-good-news splat had just landed A FEW FEET away from me. @_@

I stopped breathing and my heart froze in my chest. In a split second, my eyes darted up and the sight that greeted me instantly kicked my entire body into fight-or-flight mode. More flight than fight though, I must admit. :-/ I don't even know what I did, man. I think I ran. But I may have hopped. Haha. I also dunno lah. All I know is that it was only after I was finally safely under the covering of makeshift tents, that I took this picture.

Cannot see? I zoom in for you.

(Trust me, that picture doesn't do my story justice.)


*gets heart attack*


It was baaad, man. I kid you not. Definitely heart attack-worthy. I dunno how I could have been so dense to walk right under them without knowing. *slaps self* *lompat bintang seribu kali and stands in corner for self punishment* Thank goodness that splat didn't gravitate my way, man. Or else I think yesterday's Happy Hair story would have been my last post already. *over-dramatic*

But bottom line is this:
I. made. it. out. alive.

Yay me.

*pets self on back*

*receives medal of bravery*

Even so, I guess the ultimate worse part of the entire experience was having to walk under all of them AGAIN after buying fruits, in order to get home. -_-''' First time bodoh bodoh dunno ma. So ok lah. But after know already still walk under??? Walauuu... Tempting fate meh?? I would totally have scaled walls and climbed parking lot fences if The Fiancé hadn't stopped me.


Terence Song said...

Haha... just use an umbrella lah... to shade you from the sun, and also bird crap.

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Terence Song
– Cannot wan. I will still freak out. They can't be above me. @_@

hon said...

oh my. do you have ornithophobia, or specifically corvidophobia?

Pam Song said...

ATTN: hon
– Yeah I do!! Bad case of ornithophobia and a MAJOR case of corvidophobia. T_T

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