Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cameron Highlands, April '10: The KUL-IPH Journey

It is with much SS-ness that I announce to you, the fact that I'm blogging right from the comfort of the regular time-sharing apartment my family always books for these relaxing weekends away. No more pathetic Starbucks visits for me! No, siree! Not with Dee's super-speed data line and PDA with WiFi Router capabilities. Tee hee.

Ok, back to the subject at hand.

Left KL not-so-early in the morning to make it to Ipoh in time for lunch with the folks who were to meet me there from the other end of the Semenanjung. And since The Owner had leave to burn, he played driver. This is a picture of us just minutes after our not-so-early departure:

Believe it or not, he actually posed for that pic. Haha. Maybe he thinks that the lansi, nose-in-the-air look is in with chicks these days.

I'm just sayin'. =p

I believe he also thinks that my female readers – I'm 100% sure he knows I'll blog the pictures when I took them – will fall for boys who like to draw attention to their man boobs when posing for pictures.

Again, I'm just sayin'. =p

Stay tuned. I've got me more posts with pichas coming up in the next couple of days. (Maybe even tonight!) After all, I've got nothing but time to waste up here where I am. =)


Simon said...

devoted blogger lah u. on holiday in phuket also blogging.

go out! enjoy yurself before the cycle repeats again!

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Simon
– I'm not in Phuket lah. You never read my post! Hahaha.

Simon said...

hahaha .. yes yes. but thu-sun u were in phuket rite?

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Simon
– Nope! =p

Simon said...

the more i look at this pic the more i can't help but to comment.

seems like yur fren is playing wit his nipples. but it's so salah wei .. so offset.

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Simon
– That's what I keep telling him! He pegang tetek! But I decided not to blog about it but... lookie lookie, ppl see it anyways. HAHA. Thanks, Simon!

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