Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Too Old To Be An Aunty

I just returned from Christmas cum New Year dinner with my folks and the entire Song cousin clan from my generation and the generation after. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the crew.

My folks, 4 cousins, their spouses, 2 nephews, a niece and I.

I know lah, I know. My family not as big as some other families but... kira ok lah kan? This isn't the whole family wat. Only my immediate family and my cousins from another uncle. Don't judge. >(

But... that's not why I'm posting. I'm writing because I finally got to see my almost-grown-up nephews today! Excited giler! I haven't seen much of them since they were babies cos I'm usually in KL during our family meets. (Yes, I'm an aunty. And YESSS, I no longer have to be the kuchi rat in the family who calls EVERYBODY at the table to makan but doesn't get called to makan by anybody in return! Double woot!) Without much further ado, here they are...

Everybody, meet Jonathan!

The boy with smooth, fair skin and the most gorgeous sandy hair. He is super the cakap banyak and is the older one of my two nephews. A very jolly kid who sure knows his nursery rhymes well. He pinches cheeks and freely gives kisses. I got one right smack on the lips tonight. Haha. Took me by surprise but by the time my brain regrouped, my heart turned to jelly already. HAHA. And that kiss you saw in the picture, *points above* well, it lasted for a really LOOOONG time. =p (That's your cue to go, "Awww," by the way.) So much so that my mom got to sneak in a few pictures before his lips left my cheek. Haha. Nice!

Now, meet Nathaniel!

The boy with the most bee-ooo-tee-fool eyes. So big and his double eyelids are to die for. He doesn't say, "Yes." And his standard answer is, "O-kay." Haha. He's younger than Jonathan by just 4 months but he's crazy squirmy. Always on the go, always running; never still, never walking. Plus, he's pretty heavy for his age, too! I think my bye-bye arms all no more already after tonight. Or rather, I should have just said bye-bye to my arms tonight when I agreed to carry him. HAHA. The fella's weight is equivalent to 3 bags of rice, okayyy! No joke. I need an arm massage badly. T_T

You know, it's really too bad both boys aren't growing up in the same place. Jonathan's in KL while Nathaniel will be in the UK. I can imagine that it'd be so cool growing up with a cousin of the same age. Can both khau lui together-gether. Double trouble heart-breakers in action with full-on Song gene charm. Haha. Okay, I think I should stop. This is making me sound like a terrible aunt.

And finally, the Princess of the next generation, Anthea!

Please excuse the face. I was sweaty, red and flushed
from carrying
and running after the two boys. So tired can die.
Exercise quota of the year met and exceeded, thank you very much.

I remember the days when I used to carry her at reunion dinners while her parents ate. Oh, how I loved my drool-soaked shoulders then. Haha. That was when she was just a couple of months old. Well, she's all grown up now, as you can see. =) Thank goodness I had her around tonight. She's my trusty sidekick who helps me make sure the other two stay off the streets. Haha. I'm too old to run. Plus, I was wearing 4-inch heels. Bad nanny. =p

Anyhoo, I think I had so much exercise tonight that I wiped out my energy reserves. Gotta crash and recharge now. Early morning tomorrow. Aunty needs to keep herself looking young and eligible by going for a 10:30AM facial. (*groan* Why the heck did I set such an early appointment?! But, oh oh! Did I forget to mention? I'M STILL ON LEAVE TOMORROW! Wakakaka. =p) Anyways, gotta return what MCKL takes away so... facial at 10:30AM it is!

Goodnight, guys! Catch ya tomorrow. =)

p/s: Edwin Koko and Grace Soh... Tick tock tick tock. Don't forget – you got 2010 deadline. =p


ChickLit said...

There's that smile...


sy1n said...

Best pichas to wake up to forthe whole of 2009!

Spectre said...

Ello Auntie Pam! I like 2nd pix ROFL

clark said...


pamsong said...

ATTN: ChickLit
– Here's another. =)

ATTN: sy1n
– Hahaha. New list coming up for 2010. =p

ATTN: Spectre
– Haha. 2nd pic was cute huh? I liked the kiss better than I like the pic though. =p

ATTN: clark
– Me? Or the kids? Wakakakakaka. (Don't answer that.)

clark said...


Lissa said...

The kids are adorable. :)

Jeffro said...

Gosh love the kids! =D especially the kid with double eye lid!

Pam you still look good red-flushed.. =D definitely worth the exercise.. Hehehe

lomantik said...


Long time no catch up...

Just saw your Wicked post... Oh my gosh, just watched it Live couple of weeks back it was so good!!!! Great! Fantabolous! AWESOME!!!

But anyway, hope you'll have a good new year OK and I'm pretty sure everything will turn out right/happens for a reason and all tat sh**.

God bless you many manys!

pamsong said...

ATTN: clark
– My nephew has nicer eyes than yours ---> @_@


ATTN: Lissa
– Kiuts kan?? Cannot tahan!

ATTN: Jeffro
– He's crazy handsome!

And yeah, I guess I need the exercise. Haha. Good to take care of kids every once in awhile. Sweat it out.

ATTN: lomantik
– Yo, yo, yo!

You watched Wicked!?!? Me wants to watch!!! I heard it was showing in Melbourne. You went there? Or are they travelling?

You ever coming back to KL for a visit? And hello, when getting married? I wait forever already. If you rent an Aston as your wedding car, I'll offer my services as Official Driver. Promise. *grin*

God bless, ex-Cell Leader, current interweb!

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