Wednesday, February 20, 2008


As you all probably know by now, an 8.2-magnitude earthquake hit our Indonesian neighbours again. (Poor things.) And – not trying to belittle the situation they're facing or trying to make a joke out of it all – I'd like to inform you guys that...


A little bit lah.

My office in PJ experienced a 30-second or so tremor
probably definitely an aftershock of the quake.

There I was, sitting down, looking through my JRs, with a stack of FAs on my desk awaiting my signature... and the next thing I knew, my chair started rolling from side to side.


Panic sia.

Then hor, Ah Beng was right next to me talking and the daging mati macam mayat didn't even feel a thing!!! Like hello, my chair was rolling and the bugger can still just sit and continue talking like nobody's business. Ish! I had to ask him to keep quiet in order for me to really focus on my super human senses. -_-

And then I saw people running and I looked up
to see the lights above us swing from side to side.


The practical part of my brain screamed, "RUN, you IDIOT!!! Run like the wiiinnnddddd!!!" And I really should have listened to her orders. But I didn't. I'm still Malaysian. I stood around... Looked around... Pat around... And shared my experience and listened to others tell of their tremor experience. All the while, the lights were shaking. Haha. Bodoh.

And then I heard The Voice. And all it said was,
"E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y. O.U.T! N.O.W!"

Bimbo part of the brain went, "YESSS!!! Half day off! Wheee!" And then I proceeded to do the silliest thing ever (as did everybody else).

I packed up.


If you didn't know cos you're so katak, or if you've been so pampered that you've never been in an emergency situation before, it'd do you good to pay attention to what I'm about to say next:

In an emergency, you do NOT pack up. You do NOT clear your desk. You do NOT save your open documents. You do NOT shut your comp down. You do NOT carry your handbag. You do NOT carry any bag. You do NOT carry anything.

So what do you do?


But as you can see, very few of us were empty-handed.
Semua orang Malaysia. Pastinya. Sah.

But a bit potong steam cos after that everybody was called up again. In less than half an hour. Haih. Thought can get the rest of the day off. Fat chance lah. Fat chance. -_-

Feeling real gloomy as we all walked back up to the office.

Anyhew, enough about the experience. The US Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has put in a tsunami alert for the entire Indian Ocean area including Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Maldives – places formerly affected by the devastating December 2004 Asian tsunami.

Hello, Malaysia leh?! Keep your eyes
and ears open, guys. This is not a drill.


3POINT8 said...

Walk out empty handed and don't look back?
Looks like you are enjoying yourself snapping photos over there

adrian said...

yah yah! I felt dizzy too at my workplace in Technoplex.......But hor, I tot it was due to not enough sleep until my colleagues shouted 'Earthquake!"....Hin Hin la....@_@

yapthomas said...

"Earthquake! Runnn!"

"er.. wait. must blog"

*takes pictures*

"now run...!!!"


pamsong said...

– Say and do are two different things. *grin*

ATTN: adrian
– Ya lor. I think most people in highrise buildings kena lah. Kasihan the poor fellas at Indonesia.

ATTN: yapthomas
– HAHA. Correcto! Blogger's syndrome lah fren.

j-kiml said...

LOL :D how long did u take to pack up?

Geli Tifa said...

Haha... Luckily I'm in Kedah Sintok... No highrise... Didn't feel anything at all... Totally agree tat blogging is damn addictive... *squeal*

pamsong said...

ATTN: j-kiml
– Haha. Too long. 15 minutes or so. =p

ATTN: Geli Tifa
– Haha. True. Lucky you. And yes, blogging is SUPER addictive. Never leave home without a camera and a notebook. =p

Aronil said...

i just realised i'm in that pick hahaha... guess what I'm going... also taking picture!! bwaahhaha... why la are we like that? :P

Kirsten said...

ofcos pack la.. later balik to a missing bag or notebook... how?

but seriously, i had a nice chuckle while goin thru ya blog piece :D

pamsong said...

ATTN: Aronil

ATTN: Kirsten
– Haha. Thanks. Good to know I made you laugh a little. =p

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