Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Too Much $$$

No, I'm not talking about me.

Haha. If only, yah? If only.

Nope, I'm talking about books. I like them. I do. But they just cost waaaay too much these days! Beh tahan la. You'd think that for yellow-stained, rough-to-the-touch paper and plain black ink it'd be a whole lot more affordable than it is now.

Pfft. Gone are the days when books used to cost anything less than RM10. Heck when I was growing up, them Sweet Valley books cost a mere RM12.90 only! (Stop laughing before I stuff a tennis ball into your gap. Sweet Valley was the "in-est" series around when I was growing up, okaayyy.)

Anyhew, this gradual hike in book prices is turning out to be a pocket killer for book fans such as I. Sigh. I need a loophole; I need a plan. A means of cheating the system. One that'll make things easy on my pocket.

*blink blink*

Sorry. What I meant to say was,
"One that doesn't come close
to even touching my pocket."


To kick off my Book-Buying Diet,
I resorted to borrowing a book from me mate.


Friends, meet the very pink At First Sight.

Check that out, yo. The very same author who authored The Notebook, Mr King-of-Romance-Novels himself, Mr Nicholas Sparks. I'm expecting this to be good. So far, it's been captivating. I'll let you guys know how it goes. IF I ever get to finish reading it la, of course.

I so very the slack these days when it comes to reading for leisure. I hardly even know what that last word means nowadays. Sigh.


If you're as kiam siap or broke as I am, you might wanna click on that MPH ad below and check out the deals there. 30% off, wei. No joke. And it's not like they're lame-ass books that aren't worth a single second you spend on it. They've got quite a number of good books that are now on offer. I've read them. So don't miss out, okay. The promo for those books are only till the 31st of May 2007 so you kinda have to move-it-move-it ASAP. Must kiasu a bit and CHONNNGGGG!

*cough cough*

And after you're done with the book,
Do The Right Thing (in Russell Peters fashion).




erin said...

You love books too!! Yayyyyy!!

Everything mentioned... agreed. yup. nod. totally.

Love reading for fun. Don have time for it. Save money by loaning from frens too.

pamsong said...

Of course!!! Haha. Wanna swap some for good measure? Haha. Since it sounds like you're just as kiam siap as I am. =p

supersara said...

hey! that's my book!

pamsong said...

Haha. Whoopsie.

Hey! I asked! You said you didn't like it and that it was boring summore!

Leon said...


Plenty of other avenues to get cheaper books ..

Pay Less Books offer quite an awesome range ... usually I could get those books that I want, at a fraction of the costs...

Don't expect the latest Harry Potter book though ...

You can also try ... and also eBay...

60% of my books collection are second hand, the other 20% donated by my best buddy Andrew (he doesnt collect books, he just reads em and throws em away ... sigh). I usually only buy books from Borders or MPH when the titles are new, hot or rare (unavailable from resellers)

Hope this helps :)

Oh for your info, I have about 200 novels and around 200 more non-fiction stuffs, collected since secondary school :)

My proudest collection?

Full range of Christopher Pike... Full range of RL Stine's Fear St series and a full range of Clancy's Jack Ryan series :)


And yes, Dan Brown's full 4 books too :)

pamsong said...

Hmmm. I often pay Pay Less Books visits but so far, I've only bought ONE novel from them. Dunno why la. Most of their titles don't suit me much. They've got plenty of Janet Evanovich but she really sucks as a writer. Bleh.

Uh... In terms of online book buying, well... I haven't tried it. Sket la. Later never arrive then how?

Whoa. Andrew sounds like a REALLY nice guy. Is he looking for a rubbish collector? I collect the paper kind. =p

I go for books from Borders cos of the Buy2Free1 book promo. That's the only way books are affordable for me these days.

Whoa. You were from the Pike and Stine generation, too? Haha. I read em, man. I was in lower secondary la. It scared the shit outta me but dun care. Read also. Haha.

And I have all four books by Dan Brown, too! Superb!

Leon said...


Yeah :) even remembered my first book which got me hooked to pike ... "Fall Into Darkness".. about Ann Rice :)

(yes i even remember the main characters)

*beams with pride*

pamsong said...

Uh... Okkkaaayyy. This doesn't make you sound that cool, ya know? Maybe when you're like 13. But now... Uh... Not so much. =p

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