Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I Got Feeeeeel

Remember how I got cold feet and couldn't decide between The Mistress (Derek Lam's Emma) and The Wife (Dior's Suit)? Remember how I ran a live-update poll asking you guys to help me out? Then remember how I decided to kuasa mutlak everything with my 5 votes? Well, dear Emma fans, I think I owe you guys and explanation.

So here it is.

This was how I knew that The Wife
was the one I wanted to "share my life" with.

Pam Song: You think I should go for Dior or what?

Mee: Whichever does not leave marks on cheeks. Makes it look like you have scars or wrinkles. That's the problem with my jumbo golf sunnies. (She and my aunt dunno think what when they bought that. Shades so big, elephant also can wear.) I have to put tissue so they don't rest on my cheeks. (@_@) So funny la. (You don't say...) Both look and cost almost the same. So comfort should be the deciding factor.

Pam Song: Ahhh, then it's definitely Dior. Plus... dunno why that wan immediately I got feel. And you know me and my feel lah. Ahahha.

Mee: You always go with feel so this time should be no different lo.

Pam Song: Hahaha. Ya lor.

Mee: Done deal. BTW, how much?

Pam Song: Haha. Uh... no comment. HAHAHAHAHAA.

Mee: Liddat must be absurdly expensive.

Pam Song: Less than my glasses lah.

Mee: But for sunnies?

Pam Song: But but but.. it's DIOR! (Desperately trying to justify only. Haha.)

Mee: Thought you not so into branded stuff wan?

Pam Song: That's the thing! I'm not! So weird hor? And guess what? It has GOLD on the sides! (I'm so not a gold girl.) And I still like it!

Mee: You've been converted.

Pam Song: No no! It's the feeeeeeeeel! I tell you, it's not the brand and all, it's the feel! Like.. the earlier one I saw – Emma – I didn't say wanna buy also. I look-see then I blog and wait. This wan... CANNOT WAIT LEH! How come ah? Hahah... but ya lor. Dior. Eee. Sound so aunty! BUT... The good thing about it is that it's an accessory, too!

Mee: I can see you're a goner.

Pam Song: I KNOW RIGHT?? Like totally sold! And the sales person didn't even ask me or intro it to me. I just picked it up and tried for fun, and then I fell in love. Hahah. Weird, right?

And then my mom just had to go
Miss Paranoid M-I-L on me. -_-'

Mee: You're making me worried. What if one day you fall for a GUY like that? 3 months very short time to plan really nice wedding.

Pam Song: *blink blink* -_-'''


Spectre said...

Why stop on thing Only! It Mega Sales! SHOP until u pokai! XD

pamsong said...

ATTN: Spectre
– NO! Cannot! (Actually already pokai. HAHAHAHA.)

the MUA said...

My fav pair of sunnies are Dior too. I think Dior sunnies are the awesomest. =)

P/S: Branded sunglasses are cheaper in Singapore and Miri. Like, half price almost.

pamsong said...

– YOU VOTED FOR EMMA AND YOU HAVE DIOR SUNNIES YOURSELF!?! What is the meaning of this??? Traitor! Crucify the traitor!

Boon said...

The last sentence of Mee is funny =p

pamsong said...

ATTN: Boon
– Haha. Pressure, man!

Boon said...

Do not be pressurize. Time will come. Importantly is marry the right guy. =)

Enjoy your youth period. =)

Storyteller said...

Lol.. I think you Mom might be on to something. Haha. And that's not a bad thing wat. Sometimes, a really good thing doesn't need to be sold. It generally speaks for itself.

For me, I think if I need more then three months to know if I'm with the right girl? Well, maybe that's saying something ya.

Melsong said...

I think I am getting the hang of flying off at a tangent and catching you unawares.

It's a learned skill but sometimes kena backfire also.

Need more practice.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Boon
– Oh definitely. The right guy is soooo important. I've seen amazing women get "broken" because of the men they choose. It's terrible. Makes dating and marriage such scary prospects.

ATTN: Storyteller
– Hmmm. True. But all the cacing never come out yet. Haha. UNLESS, you know the person deep deep already before starting to date lah. =p

ATTN: Melsong
– You too much. Always want to give me heart attack.

yapthomas said...


I like this line

"...What if one day you fall for a GUY like that? 3 months very short time to plan really nice wedding."


the MUA said...


Dior is my favorite. But I make room for others.

I have a pair of Jill Stuart's too, and I'm hoping to get a pair of Gucci's in the next couple of years? =)

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