Saturday, May 10, 2008


I've come to realise that
my readers-cum-blogger friends
all quite free wan. No joke. See...

Free or not, I ask you?! Can rhyme-rhyme summore! Wanted to respond to that on the spot but... since I HAVE A REAL JOB, that doesn't include partying with beach babes and stealing Size 5 flip flops, I couldn't even find the time to sneak in the 2 minutes I needed for this post. Sigh. -_-

Till now.

And then I naik boat also. Haha.
Let's bring on the rhymes, bay-beh!

Why he write in rhyme,
Cos Nigel got so much time.
He's feelin' oh-so-fine,
Cos he rhyme bout whose blog? Mine!

Haha. See also beh tahan. It's shameful the way I call myself a "writer" lah, I tell you. My for-fun rhyming is so outta whack these days! Thank goodness the rhyme-creator part of my brain still works when I'm on the job. Phew. =p


Check out the way I used to rhyme:

Until That Moment Comes
– pamsong, 15 July 2006

Rhyme Time
– pamsong, 27 October 2006


joshuaongys said...

hmmmmm.... dats much more better than me..

Nigelais said...

Partying with babes and getting free *ahem ahem* flip flops (FOR YOU THAT IS)is my job ok!

It's called PR for the former and promotion for the latter. :P


Ok what your rhyme,
Can sell for a dime,
Then can go buy lime,
Suck on it and whine.


Hey, I'm not that free,
But that - I want to be,
Ok la, I gotta pee,
Catch you later, tee-hee.


(Are we gonna berbalas pantun?)

Oh yea, size 5 HABIS. :P

Anonymous said...

omg hahaha early morning also can rhyme!!


pamsong said...

ATTN: joshuaongys
Is that right?
Not putting up a fight?
Why? Cos your jeans too tight?
Dammit, the lights in my room so bright.


ATTN: Nigelais
I think Sunway P got not dolphins with flippers,
So dun blame me for the slippers,
You just wanna check out the skinny dippers,
Stuff like that give me the creepers.

Dun you dare use tee hee,
Cos tee hee is mine you see,
So leave it alone and let it be,
Go play with flowers under the tree.

ATTN: kellster
Why you say I free?
All this free time you speak of is not to be,
I wish I could charge it for a fee,
Then I can go yam char with you and order iced lemon tea.

Fluxevz said...

wth,"pantuns" all the way
u guys must have a long day,
this is so farnee,
those "pantuns" makes me tee hee

i've used tee hee,
the word's yours i see,
leave it alone i don't,
use it again i wont't

Fluxevz said...

damn it spelled won't with extra 't'

Nigelais said...

Skinny dippers ain't my thing,
Karaoke maybe, come, let's sing?
I see we're down for a vocal fling,
Round three-start! Ding! Ding! Ding!

I can use tee hee wherever I wish,
But its sorta your trademark, ish ish ish!
At least, tinkitalks is my regular dish,
I mix it sometimes with some good hashish.


sheon said...

trying too hard babe.......hahahha

pamsong said...

ATTN: Fluxevz
Wah, our friend here is skilled!
Never thought he'd get this comment box filled,
Oh, it makes me so thrilled,
To see this rhyming spirit stay un-killed!

And leave tee hee alone,
Doggy, go grab your own bone,
This is mine so don't moan and groan,
I am Queen of the Tee Hee throne!

ATTN: Nigelais
– Ooo, I wanna go sing K!
Let's not wait till "someday",
Why keep good plans at bay?
Let's go ahead and say, "Yay!"

I'm glad you're always on tinkitalks,
It's nice to know you're here a lot.
Well, I must say your rhyming's on the spot,
So it's refreshing to have a comment leaver who doesn't just gawk.

What the heck is a hashish?

ATTN: sheon
– Fine. I shall try less hard. =p Are you ready? Here we go.

Guess who's an idiot.
Sheon da biggest idiot!
Why he such an idiot?
Cos he say I try too hard, that idiot.

Nigelais said...

Sing K hopefully soon,
BBQ how? Morn, night or noon?
Wanna perform songs too and croon,
Third week can? Of June.

Thank u for the compliment,
There is still much to learn,
In life, must never go astern,
Come on, let's make the right turn!


Hashish is the flowering tops and leaves of Indian hemp normally smoked, chewed, or drunk as a narcotic and intoxicant. Gets you high!


pamsong said...

ATTN: Nigelais
Alarm bells in my head start going DING DING DING!
How to go K now, you think?
See you also dare not sing.

sheon said...

whoah!!! you called me an idiot!?!?! whoah!!! you havent seen my wrath eh??...i shall knock you head with my foot knuckle .... grrrr....... *ROAR!!!!!!!!!

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– What the heck is a "foot knuckle". Tell me and then I see if I wanna kena ketuk on the head or not. haha.

sheon said...

clenched toes.

Nigelais said...

This post is so lama,
Overtaken by so much drama,
Here comes the end of Rhymarama,
Jumpa lagi, take care and tata!


pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– Ahhh.

ATTN: Nigelais
– Haha. The end.

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