Friday, May 16, 2008

Just Cos You Can't See It Doesn't Mean It Doesn't Matter

I'm writing to complain about the woman I'm sitting right next to at the mo. She's 3 feet away from me and we're both seated side-by-side at the Laptop Access area in Terminal 1, Changi Airport, Singapore. (And no, I haven't started complaining yet.)



Never bluff you.
(If only you could see how serious I am about this.)

I think I need to swap seats.
I feel a headache coming on.



EDIT at 1602 hours on 16 May 2008:


EDIT at 1701 hours on 16 May 2008:


The stripey lady who's leaning over her laptop. That's her.

See how angled my MacBook had to be? Poor me! Even then, the smell was greatly overpowering. And my prediction was accurate. I've got a splitting headache now, no thanks to her. -_-


sheon said...

holy shite!! i hate BO. and to be able to smell her breath from 3ft away means her's is pretty amazing wei...hehehe..why dun you take her pic instead?..hahahaha

Nigelais said...

Is that a Swatch?


pamsong said...

ATTN: Sheon
– Ya man. It's terrible. Headache lah. And I also want to take pic of her. But cannot! She keeps looking at me!!!

sheon said...

hahahahaha...chances are she might be thinking YOU are the stinky one... hahahhahaha

pamsong said...

ATTN: Nigelais
– Haha. Yes, it is. Why?

ATTN: sheon
– No way! I'm the sweet smelling one. Hah!

sheon said...

nah...i remember that you smell like cabbage... muahahahaha..makes me hungry everytime....cabbage soup!

Nigelais said...

Nah, just wondering.


Choo Hwei Ming said...

so bad...dont la like that.. imagine if she was reading your blog as you speak!!


Wah.. I'm a dead man ar?? just because I tag you.. @.@... gg... :(

Yatz said...

how u know it's her breath? maybe it's her "Hong Kong Feet"..LOL

Anonymous said...

you angled your mac wrongly, you should faced away from her rather than facing her.

Simon Seow said...

From my guess, you're just in Singapore waiting for transit to somewhere else.

Adrian Lim said...

Hahaha...orang mia bad breath also she complained......Beh tahan la this girl! =))))HAHAHAHAHA

fish hunter said...

From the looks in the pic, I think she is on a diet that's why her mouth stinks. hehe
Ya, have been in such situations before, I would breathe thru' my mouth and pretend I got a cold.. hahaha
so if you all ever go on a diet, chew a gum at all times or you will be wondering why your friends are avoiding you hehehehe...

Anonymous said...

thanks for pointing out my bad breath. i was thinking of ending my life today; that's why i didn't even bothered to brush my teeth. then i read ur blog... you confirmed all my fears i have of the world...

See you after the crossover...

Your Humble Servant said...

Wahaha.... that breath must be terribly bad, still can smell that even with 3 feet away!!

Lesson learnt... always brush teeth... or else, use listerine... haha

ah:beng said...

your hand is like, fat.

luxen said...

what if she was like one of your loyal reader and biggest fan. Maybe she was Reading your blog and deligently writing comments while you were taking her picture.

Now that she's seen this, you've turn her into a psycho stalker! She'll kidnap you and force you to listen as she reads all her comments and inch from your face. Each time she'll finish with the question, "how's my breath huh? Huh?!"

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– WHAT!? Cabbage!?

ATTN: Nigelais
– Unmistakable design. =p

ATTN: Choo Hwei Ming
– Trust me, she was too busy reading her google mail to read what I said in my post. Haha.

Your tag will have to wait lah. Really. I'm terribly backlogged.

ATTN: Yatz
– EEYER!!! You're worse than me!!!

Wait. Maybe it's BOTH!

ATTN: Anonymous
– Oh yeah hor!!!

ATTN: Simon Seow
– Guess? Haha. No need to guess kua. Quite obvious, I think.

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– True ma. You not in my position. You dunno. If you were there, you'd wanna run, too! Guarantee.

ATTN: fish hunter
– HAHA. If she's on a diet, her diet's not working. And I tried breathing through my mouth also lah. NO USE! Still can smell! Super kau.

ATTN: StripeyLady.
– Always glad to give a fellow traveler some extra publicity. =p

ATTN: Your Humble Servant
– Ya lor! Now only you know. It's terrible! That's why I brush... AND use Oral-B mouthwash.

ATTN: ah:beng
– Haha. I noticed that, too!!!

ATTN: luxen
– She's not. I checked. =p And if she did that to me, I'd be dead already so her torture would have only lasted like 10 seconds. Haha.

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