Thursday, October 18, 2007

Career Interest Inventory

Time flies. It's been 6 months and 2 days on the job.

There's personal deliberation to be made, folks. Time for some serious evaluation – a little reflection. Lotsa things can change in half a year. Like interest, for one. I need to ruminate. Be mused by the one activity that absorbs the most hours of my day. I shall not be found stuck with a flat tyre on a career path that's heading nowhere.

This calls for a Career Interest Inventory Tickle Test.

It's a (dun play play)
so I'm just gonna assume that it's accurate.


*Chun Li super-quick lightning kick*


adrian said...

I tried the tickle test too and here is the result:

"Adrian, based on your responses, your top career area is Engineering. Careers in this field often demand that you be exceptionally creative, and think "outside of the box." Enjoying an engineering career means having an insatiable curiosity for figuring out how things work. Having an interest in developing your math and spatial skills helps too. Most likely, you're interested in not just taking things apart but putting them back together again"

Hahaha...I cant believe it! Its just so TRUE! WooHOO! =)))

pamsong said...

Haha. Congrats!

adrian said...

Congrats to you too!; Pam- The Journalist!

Im so tickle happy with the result! And BTW, the greatest fear of man is picking UP the WRONG career! I glad Im on track. Praise the Lord! Haha =)

pamsong said...

Uh, correction... It's Pam the Writer, yo. What is this.

And yeah, I'm glad I'm on the right career path as well. Makes life a whole lot easier and the journey more pleasant. =)

satkuru said...

Satkuru, based on your responses, your top career is to be an Angkasawan -_-"

hehehe mine was medicine :P

pamsong said...

Oops. Angkasawan position already taken. Didn't you know? Malaysia only sends one. Ever. Try Russia. At least they let you fly them space shuttles. =p

Woo... Medicine. You have a heart for the people, old friend. Swap with your sis lah. =p

luxen said...

mine also says journalist. I was hoping for exotic dancer, cowboy or emperor of the universe.

Jin said...

i got the lowest for writing and journalism. totally not interested. LOL

pamsong said...

ATTN: luxen
– Oh! I always assumed you were a photo editor. Haha. Journalist. That word makes writers sound like real bores. Ugh.

– Huh?! Can see where you are highest and where lowest wan meh? How to see!?

Lesley said...


Haha happy la you ;). Wait..I didn't know you were a writer.I just knew you were working at an advertising agency O.o . But then again, I only knew you over dinner! Haha..

Nice meeting you, I didn't know I had such a fun relative =).

This is my first time viewing your blog, and you write well ;D! I actually like the name Will be checking your blog when I have time (which is very rare but I keep stealing time away from my assignments =P)!

Take care!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lesley
– Haha. Yes, I am a happy bunny.

Quite sad right? Relatives but meeting over one measly dinner. Pathetic, really. It calls for a meet up, yo.

"This is my first time viewing your blog, and you write well ;D!"

Thanks, babes! And working yourself to the ground is never good for health. I'll be here providing the much-needed entertainment a student will need. Hope to see you around if not physically then here. =)

Take care!

Jin said...

see if you can view this.

must click get report.

pamsong said...

Ooo, thanks! I saw mine di. And my worst score is Engineering. HAHAHAHA. Second in line for me was Fine Arts. Haha. Lousy, though, that my back-up in terms of interest is a low-paying, zero-security line of work. Bleh.

Lesley said...

Hey Pam =)!

I finally visited your blog again! Even though it's 4.32 in the morning =/! I'd better sleep sooonzz..

Do you get notified if someone leaves a comment on your earlier posts? Anyways I'll just leave it here and then if you don't see it I'll post it in one of the later posts ;).

Are you kidding my top two are the same as yours! Haha..they're both very high and quite close to each other, looking at the bar chart. How bout you?

Eh and I happen to like Fine Arts kay..why is it a low-paid, zero-security line of work? I don't think art museum curators or tour guides are low-paid are they?

Oh and I read another of your posts saying ADs needs writers and vice versa..did you mean advertisements? Lol I didn't know they could make comments ;).

Yeah thanks for the entertainment then! Your blog is warmly welcomed by me but I hope my mum doesn't find out..hehe =P.

You take care too!

pamsong said...

Hey Lesley! Welcome back! Haha.

Whoa. 4.32am brings killer eyebags and dark rings, man. I've had my share of them. In fact, I had them last weekend. HAHA. *pause* Nothing funny about it. Bad bad bad.

Yeah, I get notified. That way I never miss a comment and my respondents always get a response from me. Much in the same way you're getting one now. =p

(I should so be going off to work right now.)

Haha. My results for Writing and Fine Arts were also really close to each other. 2mm apart. (I checked. Haha.) The rest kinda gradually decrease as it goes down the list towards the other vocations.

I like Fine Arts, too! But it's such a during-my-free-time thing for me right now. Plus, it requires a lot of sacrifice cos... well, as you said... it's a low-paying, zero-security job. I guess it's low-paying in Malaysia. If you were in another country, you could so make a living with Fine Arts.

Tour guides earn well but their income is dependent on so many things. So many factors. Too many variables.

Haha. ADs are Art Directors. They're the partners who work hand in hand with Copywriters. Welcome to the world of advertising jargons. =)

Hey, why can't your mom find out? Are you supposed to be studying right now, young woman!?



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