Wednesday, July 08, 2009

So Tak Gentleman!

Sorry, guys. I'm going all out with this rant.


Some STUPID BOYS are going to McDonald's for dinner and they refuse (can you believe that? THEY REFUSED!) to tapau for us cos "you all so many sets". So, they're making us call 1300-13-1300 for delivery. Thing is, there's this DEALicious Savings All Day Long promo and if we order in, we don't get to enjoy the savings. And it's not like we're just saving 20sen on our meals or anything. It's more!

Let me give you an example:
Instead of paying RM9.25 (before tax) for a McChicken™ McValue Meal™ with french fries and a carbonated soft drink, you pay RM6.95 ONLY. That's RM2.30 less PER set! That's a 25% discount on dinner! RAWR!

Think that's bad? Not really. Not in comparison to what's happening. Wanna know why? COS WE'RE ORDERING 7 SETS IN TOTAL!

  • Fillet-O-Fish™ McValue Meal™ x 3
  • Big N' Tasty™ McValue Meal™ x 1
  • McChicken™ McValue Meal™ x 1
  • Big Mac™ McValue Meal™ x 1
  • Spicy Chicken McDeluxe™ McValue Meal™ x 1

Even if we save RM2.30 per set (you can save more than that, depending on the meal you choose), that's RM16.10 in savings in total if they'd just bothered to be a little kinder / more gentlemanly / considerate. Isn't it silly to just give McDonald's RM16.10 for nothing when it's money that can be saved?! Ekonomi meleset ni! Haih!

So... Duh Roads and I are going to take a quick drive out to tapau our orders. We're doing the rest of the team a favour by saving us all money. All because SOMEBODY chose not to be nice.

That's it lah. ONE dude kena black mark today.

*hantar jelingan maut ke McDonald's Seksyen 14*

He better know who he is. >(


yapthomas said...

7 sets and they say so many!

If 7 sets also they can't handle how can they even handle one kid in the future! PHAIL!

ChickLit said...

What a douche.

Jan said...

7sets only worhzzz =.=
Damn cheaplak la =x

Hate these type of guys!!

Btw i think got rm3 delivery charge oso.. is 19.10 >.< can buy 2 more sets of mcd le

pamsong said...

ATTN: yapthomas
– PHAIL KAN??? Haiyo! Beh tahan.

ATTN: ChickLit
– Ya lah! Black mark terus. No hope for men like that.

– YOU'RE RIGHT!!! You're absolutely right! And if it's at the discounted price, I can even buy THREE sets!

hon said...

well... if he didnt explain why he didnt wanted to handle so many sets, then he's found guilty of being "tak gentleman".

but i need to mitigate the charges on accused here. you're asking him to buy 8 sets of meals, his inclusive. here is a list of the additional things he will need to take note:

1) types of sauces
2) types of drinks
3) ice or no ice
4) change to split among 7 other peeps
5) special orders like no lettuce or extra cheese

multiply that with 8 sets, his inclusive, the combinations are almost endless.

be nice lah. he could have his unspoken reasons. =)

ps: i think macs is about the same price here in SGD.

pamsong said...

ATTN: hon
– He was going there TO EAT! So means he'll already be there! And still he didn't want to buy for us. And as for the special orders... no special orders also. All default sets only wat.

And if Duh Roads and I could do it, how much lesser of a man must he have been to have not been able to "handle" 7 orders. (Sounds terrible but... true wat.) That aside, not him alone also. Got other ppl there also ma. But he was the one who decided that it was too many orders to take.

Storyteller said...

Eh got question, how you all take in 7 drinks in the car?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Storyteller
– Haha. That's a good question, actually. I carried all 7 on my lap. Along with the burgers. We hung the fries. Not easy, man. Haha.

Boon said...

Going there to eat but dun want to help to ta pau? Sadden.

It is not that difficult to do so since burgers and fries can be in 2 packet. N drinks.

Compared the price of urs... so cheap wor...

pamsong said...

ATTN: Boon
– Yeah! Terrible kan???

Boon said...

what does kan mean? =x *siam* lol

Chili Crab said...

What kind of guy is that? Eww...

Spectre said...

walao ...... lucky i not your colleagues or kena tembak from u from not tapau~ing for u girls

迷糊学长 said...

kesihan man.
next time better use "im busy" instead of "7 sets too much lar"

pamsong said...

ATTN: Boon
– Haha. "Kan" is like saying, "Right?" but in Malay.

ATTN: Chili Crab
– The kind of guy I black mark for life. Haha.

ATTN: Spectre
– Haha. Sure kena.

pamsong said...

ATTN: 迷糊学长
– Haha. Too late. We all knew that he was going there already. So "I'm busy" also doesn't quite cut it. Haha. said...

he might dirty his car! =P

CWKen said...

whoa mmg tak boleh jadi server punya lar nih lol

btw from your writing, u reminded me of a friend of mine lol

pamsong said...

– Cheh. As a favour to friends also cannot meh? Not like we're going to go in sticky and sweaty. It's just the wunnerful smell of french fries! Yums!

– Fail hor?

And who writes like this, too? Got link? Me wants go see. Haha.

Ewin Ee said...

i tapao for u la! haha

panda said...

7 sets and they say that is alot??!!

ask them to try buying 15 sets!! and i had to go into McD to buy them coz the drive-thru didn't wanna take my order.....swt...

pamsong said...

ATTN: Ewin Ee
– Hahaha. Give me your number. I'll call for delivery next time. HAHA.

ATTN: panda
– YA LAH! Terrible right?? Haiyo. In the end, girls have to save the world. So tak macho.

~ALSY~ said...

guys ma... normal lor... Lol...

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Ladies & Gentleman? I dun really believe in this concept. For me it is not the issue of boy/girl, but is the matter of 'the willingness to serve people'.

Dun expect a boy to big-hearted just because he is a boy;
Dun expect a girl to be simply polite just because he is a girl.

Have a nice day~

Good luck and have fun~ ^_^

shadowburble said...

this guy seriously got problem lo .. common la .. just ta pau .. so hard meh? seriously ? == ""

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