Monday, July 06, 2009

Living Life On The Fast Lane And Cutting It Real Close

I had the perfect Monday morning.
The perfect beginning to my week.

You see, my car wouldn't start. It coughed. It spluttered. It choked on itself... but it just wouldn't start. -_-' After sitting in the car, under the hot morning sun, and helplessly turning the key for about a zillion times, I decided to give up and call for help. The save-me-I-need-a-ride kind, not the please-repair-my-car kind. Haha. Got rescued and managed to make it to work before 11AM. Phew. (Sure, my 10AM plan terkandas but nevermind lah. 11AM's not too bad. Still made it for my meeting.)

See, I am a member of AAM. And I do intend to call them later tonight after I get off work. (They work 24/7.) May be the battery (though it seems unlikely given the fact that my radio was still playing), may be the spark plug (Tim Tam's deduction), may be the alternator (MEL0dramatic's deduction), or it could be something else altogether (like a dead cat stuck somewhere under the hood or something – knowing my life, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise). I'll wait to see what them AAM guys say. They're pretty good.

You guys should totally get AAM membership if you don't have it already. I've used them many, many times (wah, sound like my car always break down, haha) and I have to say, they're pretty dependable. Come, look-see, touch here touch there, kautim – so easy! And the guys who've been sent my way have not been gatal or miang so it's not that scary even if you're a single girl.

Hurry, go sign up today!



Check out when my AAM membership's expiring.

Today's date (comp screen) vs. my AAM membership due date.

HAHA. 1 more week. Close call indeed!
I think my mother feddup, man. Haha.


Storyteller said...

In the movie, He's just not that into you, there's a monologue by Justin Long that speaks of this.

In verbatim:

Alex: Guys invented the spark so they could not call, and treat you kinda bad, and keep you guessing...and they convince you that, that anxiety and that fear that just develops naturally is actually just a spark. And you guys all buy it; you eat it up, and you love it. You love it because you feed off that, that drama. You all love that drama.
Gigi: I don't.
Alex: Oh, really? So never waited until the last minute on a deadline or a phone bill because secretly you kinda love the drama of not knowing whether you're going to make it?
Gigi: [She's stunned by his accuracy.] May. Be.


pamsong said...

ATTN: Storyteller
– I love sparks! Not so much the drama but... SPARKS! Haha. And that movie rocked lah. I loved watching it. Was never a Justin Long fan but after that movie... sighs. =)

Storyteller said...

Errr... and totally missing the insightful point that I was trying to make.

Ya loved that movie too. Watched it like twice. I like Gigi.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Storyteller
– Tau lah. We wait for the last minute thing because we like the thrill. Need to say meh? Haha.

Which is Gigi already ah?

Melsong said...

To add to your story: Called mom to renew AAM membership and she did it by lunch time.

Compare with...Mom asked daughter to renew AAM membership in June and what happened?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Melsong
– Uh... no comment. =p

ChickLit said...


pamsong said...

ATTN: ChickLit
– Eh! You dun batu api in family matter! *stab stab stab*

Storyteller said...

Gigi the one Alex like la.

This is so reminiscent of me and my folks. Hahaha. I never remember such trivial matters too (which includes paying phone bills and renewing license).

BTW, if I not mistaken, can renew AAM on the spot on right.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Storyteller
– Ooo, the one who helped him clean up wan issit? I didn't really like her. Haha. Okok only.

I pay the monthly stuff. It's the annual stuff I keep forgetting. =p

yapthomas said...

Lucky never drive out and then only have to call for help... :P

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