Monday, July 13, 2009

After Lunch Chatter

Was feeling extra sleepy after a heavy Borsch Soup + Chicken Chop In Cheese Baked Rice + Jelly Dessert lunch (eat-sleep-eat-sleep – ahh, that's the life, man) so I decided to hunt out Ah Beng on Gtalk for another one of our deep, meaningful heart-to-hearts. (FYI, that means pointless-chatting-about-everything-and-nothing-in-particular in The Cu•bi•cle language. =p)

Pam Song: Benzie (that's what I call him in real life), me sleepy. =_=

Ah Beng: Need smacks?

Pam Song: Need lovin'. Hahahha.

Ah Beng: Omg, Pammies... *cue b*tching session* Bla bla bla... Yada yada yada... (Too P&C to share here lah, ok?) How la like this?

Pam Song: Eee... How the heck did you get to know this fella lah? UP MARKET A BIT CAN???

Ah Beng: Day 1 2 3, quite ok, quite fun. Day 4, la la la. Day 5, *bleep* (tsk tsk) la, why like this. Day 6, zzZzzz. Day 7, I need to get out of here.

Pam Song: Eee. But HAHAHAHHA, I know what you mean.

Ah Beng: Kan? Woman when you making time for me all?

Pam Song: *cue 2nd b*tching session – my turn* You know hor... bla bla bla... yada yada yada... (I'm a woman of many secrets. Deal with it.) Eeeee... so superficial!

Ah Beng: Ahahhaha. It's ok. I'm equally superficial now also.

Pam Song: *faints* (As if that's good enough reason for it to be okay. -_-') BENZIE, why are we so superficial???

Ah Beng: Bla bla bla, I want someone a bit more bla bla bla... (He talk too much already. =p) At least, I dunno la... nicer feel a bit.

Pam Song: YEAH! Me, too! Shit man, so picky. How to find that kind now lah!? I'm so going to die alone.

Ah Beng: We die together mah. Push our wheelchairs. Remember our swing on patio plan?

Pam Song: Ya, man. Deal lah deal. Or we could get those cool wheelies with machine wan. Hahaha.

Ah Beng: Race you down the supermarket aisle.

Pam Song: Maybe it'll come with a water dispenser. Press button then the water squirt into our mouths.

Ah Beng: Ahhaha. Got hon also. Can modify ah beng version.

Pam Song: Lorry kind – POOOOOONNNNNNN!!! Dun gimmie the sissy peet peet wan.

Ah Beng: "*Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep* (Terrible lah, this boy! Ah Beng really chao Ah Beng, man.) SEI FAT ELEPHANT MOVE OUT OF THE WAY"

Pam Song: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Terrorise the grocery section, man. Dun mess.

Ah Beng, thanks for making my day. I always love our chats – silly as they may be. I'm already looking forward to spending the rest our days lounging on the patio. =)

p/s: My wheelchair's gonna be a much cooler, meaner machine than yours. You better watch your hairy back, boy. Nyeh nyeh.


Dillon said...

"sissy peet peet wan" sounds so wrong!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Dillon
– Eh eh! Mana ade wrong!? You yang pikir senget.

Dillon said...

eh halo...pikiran I dari dulu dulu lagi pon suci punye tau. ejaan u nampak terpesong aje.

i ada nama baru bagi you.

Pam Song = Pe Song

pamsong said...

ATTN: Dillon
– Tipu lah engkau! Dan tiba-tiba aje main nama I. ISH. Nak cari mati ke ni??

Dillon said...

i ada nickname tau....f34rl3$$. cubala teka ape tu.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Dillon
– I speak leet lah. Haha.

Dillon said...

nasib baik u can. else ur reputation as a geeky-tech-savy goddess cum queen-of-multiple-post blogger cum melayu-speaking-spelling terpesong-butt-kicking writer can buang ady.

*was so hoping u can't!! grrrr!

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