Monday, November 17, 2008


DILEMMA: I want this dress. *points below*

I camwhored in a changing room cos I was
too kiam siap to spend money on a dress I liked.

Stumbled upon this polka-dotted dinner darling when I made a spontaneous pitstop at a tiny, little boutique at Sungai Wang. Thing is, it costs RM209. (Totally ridiculous pricing for a dress found at Sungai Wang, I know. -_-)

PROBLEM: Temporal bankruptcy, no thanks to a certain RM800 purchase I made over the weekend. (Will be collecting the object of that purchase next week. Will post about it then. Practice a little patience, alrights. Online stories don't come cheap these days.)

SOLUTION(S) : (1) Practice more self-control and resist temptation, or (2) work harder to earn more spending money. But then again, I'm thinking I'm kinda screwed either way cos the former's a perpetual work in progress that never seems to complete itself, and the latter's pretty much out of my control.


Okay, now I've got a new problem. My SOLUTION(S) section isn't offering myself much of a solution. SOMEBODY GIMMIE A SOLUTION!!!

Oh oh! I know! I know!

Hmmm. Tough one. Maybe not. -_-'
Think I'll sleep on it and see what
I come up with tomorrow.


yapthomas said...

Siao wan la you!
This calls for a battle! Hahaha

pamsong said...

ATTN: yapthomas
– You sure lose laaaa. HAHA.

But please win me? Pls pls pls?

lomantik said...

put up ur paypal details, man. i'm sure ppl will put money in it...

try it try it!

estherlauderlyn said...

how bout you gather 10 of your closest friends and request for a be-earlied christmas present! Sigh. this can only come from the mind of a genius.

pamsong said...

ATTN: lomantik
– *GASP!*

You want me to pull a Nicole Kiss!!! Hahahahaha. Classic, wei. But cannot laaa.

...Dun have PayPal.


ATTN: estherlauderlyn
– Eee. A bit the over, right? Haha. no way I'm doing that. Plus, I don't wanna walk around in a dress that I had to con people into getting me. No, no, no. Tak boleh.

Wait. You're only suggesting that cos you thought of doing it, right? RIGHT??? RIGHT???

Damn skill. Respect. Hahahaha.

Kevin said...

who is nicole kiss?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Kevin
– This other blogger who missed her flight in Aus and put her account number online to get people to send her money. Haha.

Kevin said...

really ah?

did she manage to get enuff money?

yapthomas said...

LOSE! *egoism kicks in* NO WAY!

But oh wells, a woman's forte cannot be easily broken.

Chris said...

Hot Polky Dotty Mama!

Can la, go register paypal.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Kevin
– Well, there were people who offered to give her SOME money lor. Really got people give money to people they don't know wan meh??? So weird!

ATTN: yapthomas
– Haha. Bow to me, Thomas. Bow.

ATTN: Chris
– MAMA?! Haha. I wish. =p

And I don't quite get this PayPal thingy lah. I tried understanding it once but... drats. Never got it.

Jeffro said...

wth.. So expensive?? (but it does look good though) btw what in the world did you spend on?? RM800?? OMiGoSH, respect! It'd better be something good woman..

Adrian Lim said...

one possible and cheapest solution is get to learn tailoring thyself and you can make any dress you want... =P

Adrian Lim said...

but the dress is really cun....the one wearing it lagi cun.....MWahahaha =P blek!

Simon Seow said...

Well, your birthday is coming, is this a hint that your friends should get you this dress as birthday pressie?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Jeffro
– Haha. Yeah, I like it. But not quite worth the money. Unless I had a super atas event to attend lah. Then maybe. Haih. I not socialite enough. Haha.

And the RM800? You wait and see lah. Haha. I'll get it by Monday. Update you guys then.

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– Eh. Tailoring is super ex nowadays. I dunno what your mom charges lah but for me... I asked before. More ex than buying off the rack!

And you ah... *blush* I shy lah!

ATTN: Simon Seow
– Haha. Nope. Don't have to. =p Plus, if I really wanted to do that, I'd have left the shop name and all. Heh. I not so dense okayyy. Haha. How to give tips when no info is provided? Takkan so bodoh. Haha.

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