Monday, February 01, 2010

Splash Of Colour

It's so blindingly bright I'm sure you've seen it already but...
here's another picture of it for good measure! Hahaha.

Whipped it up earlier today cos I was feeling restless and needed a good dose cheery-eyed colour to steal my mind away from dark-ish thoughts. Hope it cheers you up like it did me. =) May it brighten your dark and stormy Monday night, too. (It's raining cats and dogs in KL.) And just in case it doesn't, this thought may help:

Monday's over, guys!

1 day down, 4 more to go till the weekend.

Woot woot! =D


Simon said...

Like the new header!! Nice colour combo.

zecount said...

reminds of the 70s .. nice touch

Boon said...

This header is very refreshing... very nice.

I'm not a pro on PS but it does take you quite sometimes doing that?

Lastly, lovely!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Simon
– Haha. Thanks! =)

ATTN: zecount
– So retro-ish, kan?

ATTN: Boon
– Haha. Thanks. No, it didn't take very long. 10mins or so only. =)

zecount said...

YES !! and where have u been??!!! haven't seen u in AGES !

pamsong said...

ATTN: zecount
– I've been around lah. Saw you back-up summore.

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