Monday, March 30, 2009

Project 365: 28/03/2009 [Yo, Wassup?]


At the Panasonic LUMIX Roadshow last Saturday.
Was sitting on the steps of the stage chilling with Mr Snake
after the competition, before the
winner was announced.

Wassap, y'all???


There's more where this came from. Will put up more pics of me with Mr Snake here when I start on actual blogging. Sigh. Procrastination is bad. And playing catch-up's a b*tch. -_-'


infinitium said...

why does your hair look different?

*squints closer*

choco said...

Did the snake eat your glasses?? Oh no!

Wahaha, sorry ah a bit insane from studying too much. Or..thats just me -_-

Chris said...

You're such a hottie!

Suppose, you were walking in a park then you came across a tree and saw a non-poisonous juvenile snake like a young python, crawling its way to 3 young birds in a nest. Would you...

a) Scream and shout for help (even though there's no one around quick enough to save it but you)?

b) Fight it off valiantly and whack the little snake and figured dinner with snake on the barbie and whiskey mixed with snake's blood would be delightful treat to end a day's hard work?

c) Give Jelingan Maut™ to the snake?

d) Give Jelingan Maut™ to the 3 little desperately poor helpless birds?

e) Pretend there's an elephant in the room and walk away whistling "Just Dance"?

boone said...

Yet birds... -_-;

Spectre said...

i learn something new! pamsong is not afaird of snake *at lest the tame version*

pamsong said...

ATTN: infinitium
– Wow. Very observant, eh? It's different cos I had to curl it during the competition. One of the tasks. -_-

ATTN: choco
– HAHA. Siao liao. What do you study anyways?

ATTN: Chris
– Hahaha. Cos... you like girls who play with snakes? Haha.

I think my choice, as ridiculous as it seems, will be D. HAHAHA. Serious. -_-

Stop making me sound stupid can??? >(

ATTN: boone
– I can't help it!

ATTN: Spectre
– Haha. No, I'm not.

Melsong said...


choco said...

Make a guess based on our blogger - commentator relationship <-- sounds kind of wrong:p

Chris said...

Nah, the snake was juz an accessory. The pout did the trick, no? Why dont you pout in every 365?

HAHAHAHA, heeeeeeee, such a good sport to answer the quiz haha but didn't fully take it in stride. C'mon, all in good humor. Yes, "D" was set up perfectly for you, someday I hope maybe you can attempt "B".

Leave you with a chorus from AAR's
When you see my Jelingan Maut ♪♫
Hope it gives you hell ♪♫
Hope it gives you hell ♪♫
When you walk my way ♪♫
Hope it gives you hell ♪♫
Hope it gives you hell ♪♫

Jack said...

so u got torture the snake like u torture the hamster? *earthquake* *grin* bet u don't dare.. lolx..

pamsong said...

ATTN: Melsong
– Birds are dangerous animals.

ATTN: choco
– Communications? HAHA.

ATTN: Chris
– You like pouty girls!? Haha. They make superb pain-in-the-arses if taken in large doses. =p

Me no likes B. D D D better. And no, not referring to boobs if you were wondering.

ATTN: Jack
– Haha. I had plenty of fun with the snake. We even snuggled. =p Show you guys picture when I blog it lah. =p

choco said...

Are you for realZ?

everyone give me the same answer. how odd. haha

Here's the thing, I.. study Computer Science. Geek much!

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

eiyerrr i jeluznyaaa you got a dslr!!!! I also want one! how have u been babe? Since i last saw you at... umm which movie screening?

Chris said...

Monogamy suggest a single dosage, thank you.

pamsong said...

ATTN: choco
– WAH! You Comp Science student??? Totally don't talk like one. Haha. Figured you were in Comm. Hey, that means I think you're cool and happening! HAHA.

ATTN: Linora 'Aronil' Low
– Haha. Some Nuffnang screening that had officers screaming at us. =p

And yeah, I got a DSLR. ME LIKEY!

ATTN: Chris
– You're dating!??!?!

choco said...

you think comp sci people are boring?


Actually, so do I. wtchoco. :D

Chris said...

What is your perception of Comp. Sci. ppl, Pam? Uncool and bland? sigh.

What i would like to add is, they don't get credit where its due. Subjected to crazy schedules, chasing deadlines, troubleshooting, the sort of technical work involve is very difficult.

Not dating, why?

choco said...


Don't scare me la, Chris. I'm only in my first year now :'((

pamsong said...

ATTN: choco
– Haha. Agree leh... =p

ATTN: Chris
– Geeky mostly. =p

And hello, you wanna talk about crazy deadlines??? Sure or not?

Haha. And no why about not dating. Was just askin. =p

Chris said...

You see Choco, sPam oredi cast that unappreciative look towards CS folks via that "Geeky mostly" comment. sPam, have you downloaded IT CRowd?

Yes, sPam, in project-based, say designing a new online banking software for banks. Imagine, the developers cant meet the deadline, and normally cost in excess of millions. Then working for a telco firm, say your fone network is down, u r abruptly required to troubleshoot.

As usual in the 4th yr, do your best for the final project. That's the most important bit.

choco said...

But I only have 3 years. -_- 4th year is honors degree. And..Comp Sci people are geeky laa. You should see the boys in my class. With their pants up to their waists. -_- sorry, mean moment hehe.

If it makes it better! I the science stream before!

I..err..studied Biology? And err liked it?

Shit, did that even make me more geeky than I already am.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Chris
– Eh, you dun batu api can??? And no lah. I only watched the first 2 episodes of IT Crowd. The one you linked in the comment. I need to finish watching GG first lah. Too many things wanna follow di. Haha.

And if anything, even Choco agrees okayyy! It's not just me!

ATTN: choco
– HAHAHA. Funny lah you. But don't worry. I was in Science Stream, too. Teachers pushed me into it. Haha. Anyhoo, I liked Bio. But only cos it let me draw. That aside, I liked Physics. And Math. =)

Then in college, I liked Accounts. And the other Business subs. HAHA.

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