Saturday, April 14, 2007

Operasi Train Jantan: Part 2

Operasi Train Jantan: Part 1 seemed to have ruffled a few feathers. *cough* A few male feathers. Heh. Well, I'm here to do more ruffling. Disorderly is cool. The messy look is very in. =p

Today's lesson begins with this simple 14-word statement:

A good girl will never (Italic, Bold, Underline summore)
fall for a man who isn't giving his all when he pursues her.


And trust me, girls KNOW when you guys aren't giving your all.

*cough cough*

And with that, Operasi Train Jantan continues...

You see, a woman will never place her heart in your hands unless she is sure that you've handed yours over to her. And I'm not talking just one part of your heart, here. That doesn't count. In fact, it counts for NOTHING. It's all from you right from the start or to her, you're offering her nothing at all.

Why risk it, you ask? Well, simply because if you give her ALL of your heart, she may give you something in return – her heart. And I know, I know. It's a big risk to take. It puts you in a position to get hurt and, as we all know, getting hurt is no fun at all. Granted.

But isn't loving already a risk in itself? So if you put it this way, by risking nothing, you opt for the bigger risk of getting nothing (no one, in this case) and losing the woman of your dreams to another man who's willing to risk it all for her! Putting your heart on the line, although somewhat unfair to you, is highly necessary.

But, uh, unfortunately for you men out there, even then, I'm sorry to say that, it's no guarantee that you'll snag her. All it does is push your chances a little higher as compared to if you offer the lady you've set your sights upon anything less than your all. See, that's better than nothing, right? Haha.

Don't give your all, get nothing in return.
All or nothing. So simple. Comprende?

With that I conclude today's lesson.
Stay tuned for more updates.


supersara said...

wah you've started the ball rolling! i will take it from here. =)

pamsong said...

Haha. YOU GO, GIRL!!!

adhojlim said...

Fuhyo.. Queen Pam's formula:

1) Give it all =/!= might get something.
2) Give some = Never get!

haha.. she hasnt finish yet...
3) Dun give = 'makan sendiri' (this one i add in one)

Wei... Our majestic Queen... U make us guys sweat! Imagine if all girls out there carry this formula with them....poor we guys!=p


Lil'Gap said...

i standby here to oppose your thoughts on 'Operasi Jantan: II"
To go to one end for the other half, you ought to make sure it's the only happiness you can get in the world. Though at times its hard to say, but 'No' to requests and favors are still immensely an important word.
I sincerely believe that 'giving' have its limit. The sacrifices one make cannot outweigh the good it gives in a pursuit.
Most importantly, i think you have a flawed statement.
"A good girl will never fall for a man who isn't giving his all when he pursues her."
Good is very subjective terminology. Moreover, to prove your statement is false by Contradictory induction, you are implying that When a guy pursue a girl without whole heartedly and the girl falls for him, she must be a BAD girl.
and i strongly stand to object.

Jo-no said...

Terlalu general la Pam. Change all the "women" to "Pam" la.

supersara said...

nonoo. lilgap you got it wrong.

the guy makes the decision to date her, but then the girl makes the decision whether or not she will allow it.

id a guy pursues the girl halfheartedly, or with a protective heart, not to say she's a bad girl. but she knows that the guy isn't 100% committed to her. thus, she MAY OR MAY NOT toy with his emotions.

however, if he gives his whole heart, yes she may reject. but she won't toy with you. good girls lah, generally lah. surely there's a parameter to that.

Lil'Gap said...

thanks for the reply supersara... i now understand pam's statement better in your words. stumble upon your blog, it is awesome..... well explained compared to oneh's (pam) tinki talks. (no offence oneh)

adhojlim said...

I guess real and serious commitments are what the ladies are seeking for from their respective men.

Yes! If we men did not give it ALL! Then shame on us! But if we did try and get nothing after multiple trials, then what is the motivation of moving forward for the same girl. Some ladies are just so blunt...they just dont see the efforts and yet they said that we did not give it ALL. Afterall we men are just like the ladies, made from flesh and blood...=)

Leon said...

Strangely, and this coming from me, I QUITE agree with Pam on this one.

I've always encouraged my male friends to give it their all, to push for the grand finale, to put all their bags in the basket, and in sporting terms, to go all out. If she's worth it, that is.

So fine and fair. Go all out. To tell you the truth, there's really nothing to lose. Pride? Bah.

Telling your darling lass you love her, and ask for her hand, there's no dishonor in that. None at all. Not even when you get rejected.

Oh, last words? If you get turned down, walk away gracefully and honorably. Again, no shame in that. Hold your heads up high. As Katsumoto said in "The Last Samurai" , "It was a good death".

pamsong said...

ATTN: adhojlim
– Haha. Yes yes, I have learnt that you're very into equations. Easier for you to understand things that way? Haha. Or are you just really into math? Anyway, you just scored 2/3. Why? Cos you simply add add la. Mana boleh wor. Hmmm. But that wan a bit accurate also la. Okay la. Give you 2.5/3. Super give face di.

Of course it's real and serious commitment or no commitment at all. But I'm not asking you to wait for her if she doesn't say "yes" to your advances. See? All I'm saying is when you do go for it, give it everything you've got or you start failing even before you make the first step. It's lose-lose for you. At least when you give your all in the chase, you'll get a win-lose situation. That's better than lose-lose, right?

ATTN: Lil'Gap
– I shall not humour you a reply. (Actually I dun really understand what talking you.) You and me, NO MORE FRIEND! Go read supersara from now on. Hmmph!

*blink blink*

Okay la. I beh tahan. Eh, I'm not asking you to give her THINGS. I'm saying giving her all of YOU. Your WHOLE heart. How can you put a price on that kind of giving and say it's too much to give and limits should be imposed? That's nuts!

And as for your statement regarding "good girls", I think supersara's said enough.

ATTN: Jono
– Haha. Sorry, man. Can't do. This is all for one and one for all. I'm not fighting this battle alone. The glory is ours to share. I shall not mess with that.

ATTN: supersara
– Thanks, babe. Good response to Mr I-Standby-Here-Oppose. And FYI, your linking in your blog all sesat la. Check okay. One page doesn't load and another's a wrong link. Only Part 1 is correct. Oh, and how come got episodes wan?

Read next comment reply.

ATTN: Lil'Gap again
– EH, BUGGER! I GAVE you the friggin link la. How can you possibly use the word "STUMBLE"?! I OBJECT! Surely supersara sees through your cunning ways. Bleh.

ATTN: Leon
– Haha. Yes. QUITE agree. =p

Not may men are up for that "good death" thingy. I mean, it's like wanting to ice skate but wearing so much protective gear to the point that you lose all there is to love with ice skating - no more wind in your hair, cool breeze dancing across your skin, and your movement becomes friggin limited. But they wrap up anyways. And then they complain that they didn't get to enjoy their day out skating.

I guess it's men who've already gotten hurt that bundle up. Or perhaps men who are just selfish. Just perhaps.

Lil'Gap said...

ha... blog as a way to pick up girls? kinda new technique huh? what happen to the old chasing after girl like all those in the indian movie where the girl hides behind the tree and the guy go chase them round and round..... i miss those.. .lol
FYI, i aint no kiss arse.. :P

"You and me, NO MORE FRIEND! " i think i have to get over it with eating green lime coated ice cream while clipping tons of colourful small clips on my tshirt.

adhojlim said...

Okie...okie... another 4 more equations derived from OTJ2:

1) Lose x Lose= Lose (Double Pain)
2) Win x Lose= Partially Lose(Ouch)
3) Lose x Win= Partially Lose(Ouch)
4) Win x Win = Win (Heaven)

Hail to our Queen Pam! Haha =P

Sure enough, most men will not give in so easily.. but sometimes men just have to learn to let go when rejected and 'love' the other person from afar (in hope that the lady will be able to find tbe right man). That is the least a man can do for a lady that he loves.... and moves on to the one that appreciates better....haha =)

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lil'Gap
– Wei wei wei, nobody ask you to pick supersara up. The woman needs no picking, okayyy! Plus, I doubt you'd be able to handle her. Haha.

The chase-round-round technique is old school la fren. Time to move with the times and let technology help you along the way.

HAHA. Yes. I suggest you do the clipping thing. Take some pics while you're at it. I'll wait to see it on your blog. MOVE IT!

ATTN: adhojlim
– Haha. And here he goes again. You no need to work wan ah? Haha. Like so free liddat wan.

Eh, your maths now like not so geng la. HELLO! If follow your technique all wrong la. x (times) and + (add) different outcome leh. If you x (times) means the equation results are as follows:

1) Lose (-tive) x Lose (-tive) = WIN
2) Win (+tive) x Lose (-tive) = LOSE
3) Lose (-tive) x Win (+tive) = LOSE
4) Win (+tive) x Win (+tive) = WIN

Haiyo. How can make this mistake?

pamsong said...

I suggest you go with + (add).

1) Lose (-tive) + Lose (-tive) = SUPER LOSE
2) Win (+tive) + Lose (-tive) = BACK TO SQUARE ONE
3) Lose (-tive) + Win (+tive) = BACK TO SQUARE ONE
4) Win (+tive) + Win (+tive) = WIN

adhojlim said...

Haiyo! Thats not ordinary mathslar(like algebra)... it is the outcome of "AND" gates (2 inputs and 1 outcome).

Assuming A and B are inputs and C is output.
A(1)x B(1) = C(1)= Win
A(0) x B(0) = C(0)=Lose
A(1) x B(0) = C(0)= Lose
A(0) x B(0) = C(0)=Lose

So I guess Love is like AND gateslor technically speaking...hahaha =) Thats is the fun of science...

BTW, Win(2) + Lose(1) = 0 kah? Whoa, your maths is even more GENG GENG GENG! =P =))

Leon said...


I must be high on something recently to agree with you on so many fronts. And yes, I agree with your last comment. Guys are afraid.

You know, the more effort you put into the courtship, the longer and more meaningful the relationship is. Now more effort doesn't mean a LONG courtship.

For me, chasing a gurl.. I would give a maximum of half a year if she's single, and probably about a year, if she's currently attached.
(though, I must say that I do not really condone going after another man's gf / wife).

But nevertheless, as you so aptly pointed out, give it your all.

And why must there be hurt? Why is everybody stressing on the hurt part? Dissappointment, yes, but hurt? I've seen countless times where people who are not able to go steady (for various reasons) becoming the bestest of friends. And those kind of friendship usually lasts a long, long time, if not a life time.

Heck, a few of my ex galfrens are actually among some of my closest buddies right now.

So there you have it. My two cents worth. I hope this helps tell your readers another interesting tag line from the British SAS - Who Dares Wins.


(now, to go back Googling the brand of tea that I'm drinking for hallucinogenic contents)

supersara said...

eh i so hard meh!

Jamie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jamie said...

pam:.. that hurts me like a thousand knives piercing my heart... so sad..
sadly, my ice cream supply is almost gone too. have to make a new batch... perhaps you could suggest me some nice flavour? the weirdest ice cream i made was kaya ice cream.
sara: i think she meant that i'm hopeless..

Jamie aka LilGap

adhojlim said...

Jamie: Dun take it so personal....Queen Pam is just voicing up her mind... treat this as the platform to voice out your unique thoughts too... who knows we can inversely called it "Operasi Train B???na".. Ehem.. I hope I did not provoke the Queen's anger...adhojlim at your mercy huh! haha =))

Me very free...yaya... full time surfing and part time shaking your blog...isnt that fun..haha...cant wait for your OTJ3....=)

pamsong said...

ATTN: adhojlim
– Haha. Sorry la. I never made it past Form 5 Add Math. HAHA. Okay, this time the equation pass. Haha.

But hey! There are no values here when we discussed it the first time wat. So, technically, you have to assume that it's all 1 for any positive or negative ma.

"Win(2) + Lose(1) = 0" doesn't apply!

ATTN: Leon
– Haha. Tell me what tea it is. =p Maybe I'm on the same tea. Dang.


Cos... Well, I agree. LONG courtships don't count for nuts. It's not how LONG you've been together. It's the substance that counts. I don't believe in long courtships. They're highly unhealthy. Very much so. BAD BAD BAD. Complacency sets in. And what is the whole point of dating exclusively without a due date on the courtship period!? Might as well not date since you're not looking into becoming family anyways.

And what talking you. NO wooing girls who are in a relationship okayyy! Terrible la you! Anybody who hits on or flirts with anybody attached is obviously someone with little or no morals at all. Phooi. It's not self-righteousness. It's just that that's low, man. It's way-below-the-belt low.

Yeah, I guess ppl just want to protect themselves. That's why they keep focusing on the hurt part. And in other ways, it's probably cos they only look at what they GET in relationships than what they GIVE. See, if all that matters to you is how much you LOVE your target, it doesn't really matter. There is no loss. Cos you still get to do what you want - LOVE. The hurt deal only comes about cos all they look at is what THEY can RECEIVE from their target. THAT makes them count their costs. See?

Not many ppl can handle the ex being friends thing. I guess it depends on how mature you both are. If both are mature and waaay over the other person, it doesn't become a problem. The comfort level stays but the love changes to another form of love. That's it. But if strings are still attached, it is very dangerous to keep in touch. A clean cut is necessary. I guess it only takes the people involved to know if they (and the other party) can handle that friendship. And I guess if you no longer run in the same circles, there probably won't be that closeness anymore so it's easier to cut ties entirely.

Those who dare win. Indeed.

ATTN: supersara
– No la. Aiyo! Misunderstandings! And wei, you changed your links already or not?

ATTN: Jamie
– Haha. Yes yes, suck it up. Feel the knives dive into your skin and out your back. Lovin it? *snicker*

Drama king la you.


ATTN: adhojlim
– Yes, this blog is a platform. A discussion board, if you may. And no. The only operation is Operasi Train Jantan.

You not working di meh? Haha. I got idea for next one di. The next one will be a serious one. Not firing guys wan. And also it's very practical. Perhaps even you guys will agree. Haha. I managed to get some male insight. =p

Nick said...

Aite... i'm here & dont say me din read the Special OPT on JANTANS haha!

So whens Opt 3 out =D

pamsong said...

Haha. About time! Tsk tsk. Coming soon. Patience. Another lesson: Never push a girl to do what she wants to do but hasn't the time to do it. Cari mati for sure.

adhojlim said...

Haha..still working at the same old place.. working in RnD dept requires a lot of visiting your blog is surely a break... hehehe.. keep it rolling Girl!

*Grins* Cheers =)

Nick said...

haih... alrite alrite... take it easy ~_~ few days kena tembak dee...
Have mercy tinki Lolz

pamsong said...

ATTN: adhojlim
– Haha. Okay. Will keep it rollin' rollin' rollin'. HAHA.

ATTN: Nick
– Haha. At least you never kena tembak from one person only. More POV means it's not just crap that one person feels. =p Learn well. *grin*

Esther said...

hahahaha lil gap, YES supersara is damn hard to get ok. take it frm her sister.
she's the pickiest among the 3 of us actually.

pam! giving your all huh? i guess now comes in the issue of falling for a guy, but who isnt giving his all. I guess it depends if the girl wants to use her head or her heart to work the relationship.
so boys, you give your all, you wont be risking MUCH (not all ah :p) because honestly, I think Sincerity plays a very very big role in getting the girl.
I've seen really not-so-nice-looking boys dating super hot chicks. How do you think they got them? :P

Nick: you're learning fast good good! :D Haha now, to read ALL of her last posts. *phew good luck haha

supersara said...

i checked my links, they all seem okay!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Esther
– Haha. Gap thinks that all girls are simple wan la. He doesn't realise that many of us are darn complex. He thinks one is one and two is two. Haha.

Of course la giving my all. We fight for a cause here, okayyy! FOR ALL WOMANKIND! *grin*

Hmm. I wouldn't say that it's impossible to get a girl la if you're not giving your all la. Sometimes it's a matter of timing. You know? Ngam ngam you come by when she's "ready" to be attached. Then you cap tou la. Fluke. Ya lor. The head and heart thingy.

Haha. We'll see if Nick reads all. =p

ATTN: supersara
– No la, woman. The first one links to some non-existent page, the second is correct, and the last links to my blog! It isn't specifically Operasi Train Jantan 2!

Jamie said...

Pam: oi? how can you generalized me? you barely know me. you know people do change after years? the last time we actually had a great chat was..... before the last millennium.
actually... maybe pam is right.... i do not and am not prepared to be in the dating scene.

Esther: thanks for the advice.. haahah.. i'll keep that in mind if i ever go back to Malaysia. lol

Jamie aka LilGap

pamsong said...

Haha. Not prepared? Puh-leeze la. You're swimming in the deep end of the Dating Zone, okayyy. I smell it. You're dating, aren't you!? TELL!

Nick said...

Haha...I will i will... ~_~ HEHE~!
other than that, its my turn to Blog it out... lolz rusty deee.. so long din write. Gota learn from Pro MISS Tinki here ;o)

Jamie said...

Dating... hahah.. what do you mean when you say dating? i do not have that in my dictionary.. :P

pamsong said...

ATTN: Nick
– Wooo. A new post coming up? An Operasi Train Jantan from a Jantan's perspective, perhaps? HAHA. Cools!

p/s: Operasi Train Jantan is a registered name. Tak boleh guna, kalau tidak dikira cetak rompak.

ATTN: Jamie
– HAHA. Like I believe you. That's almost like saying, "I've never had Gap in my cupboard."

Jamie said...

and i forgot to add ....somehow i recall the day(14th of Aug 05') where pam and ming was laughing her ass off that i had colourful pens...and with my colourful pens, she wrote....i will never call you Jamie. it'll always be ah gap..
i wonder what happened to that?

pamsong said...

Really!? Dang! I don't even remember that! Do you have that paper? Does Ming have it? Who kept it? Did we throw it away?

Jamie said...

it was on my super big yellow birthday card.

pamsong said...

OH YEAH!!! Drew it at your house wan! Haha. You still keeping it? Haha. That was lame, man. You summore see us write. HAHA. Paiseh. Eh, why you tak tau paiseh wan?

Nick said...

Lolz...yea juz post it yesterday, trust me, i wont wana get into the Opt Thingy... aint my place to train a guy HAHA~! Dat would be wrong, very wrong indeed ;o)

pamsong said...

Haha. Smart. They'll probably stone you to death then crucify you upside down. =p

Nick said... comment on that stoning part. I'll juz Zip it~! :D avoidence is best in use :p

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