Monday, April 02, 2007

Midnight Irritation

What could possibly irritate me to the point
of blogging at 4 in the morning?

The knowledge that I've got an early morning,
a long hard day ahead, it's already 4am...

...and I'm still awake.

Sigh. Si liao la.

This habitual sleeplessness is definitely not good for me. Sleep so needs to come now or by tomorrow, I'll be walking and bouncing to the tunes of the dead march. And honestly, I don't know if I'll even be able to walk in a straight line. Experience tells me that perfect balance bids me bye-bye when I'm faced with a lack of sleep.


I need to stop thinking, turn off my ever-firing neurons, and get some good solid rest. Sounds like a good plan, no? Good plan indeed, save for one problem...

I need the rest, but I'm so not getting it.


How do I force myself to relax enough to fall asleep?


FORCING one's self to RELAX
– how oddly ironic and oxymoronic.


Any suggestions, guys? I could certainly do with the help.


zecount said...

have u tried hot milk? or maybe some music in the background ... super soft sleepy music ...or worst come to worst ... sleeping pill

pamsong said...

Haha. I don't like milk. And I frequently play music when I sleep. Doesn't work to help induce sleep. =(

Sleeping pills? Sure ah? Nanti nanti ketagih then cannot sleep without time, die.

K.Lo said...

best tip i've heard...

combine a light protein n a light carbo food item half an hour before (proposed) sleep...

e.g. light biscuit/banana plus cup of milk/soya milk... or maybe milk tea or something to that sort... green tea maybe?

Click here

Hope that helped!

Jo-no said...

taking sleeping pills is like wacking yourself on the head with a baseball bat. You're not really resting bah...

Forcing yourself to relax... Quite a paradox there Pamzilla... Let jono advice from scientific point of view ? haha

Take a , not warm, but borderline to hot shower. After the shower, your body will go thru homeostasis, where it tries to acquire equilibrium(temp. wise) This will result in a drop of body temp. Drop of body temp actually helps your body to sleep... but u gota bath at least 30 mins before you plan to sleep...

No staring at computer screendoing stuff before sleeping. Brain active! Cannot sleep!

If you cant sleep get outta bed, read a book or something. Dont toss around in bed. Ur body has to be conditioned so that the bed is only a place for sleep and...uh,sex. No reading whatsoever there.

Wake up at same times everyday. Alarm ring, sit straight up! Open curtains! Daylight in! having sunlight triggers a hormone(cant remember name) that signals its time to get up. Darkness triggers another to sleep. Make sure you get sunlight thought out the day and not stay indoors all day. Your body actually has to be able to tell between day and night! Sunlight is actually the 'indicator'. If you do not get sunlight in the morning, but 'artificial' light (different!) Then ur body 'rhythm' is thrown off from day and night...

So...the diagnosis is your 'bioclock' is screwed. You gota fix it, then come back for a prognosis. hahaha

err....thats about it. haha

pamsong said...



Haha. Thanks, man. Suddenly, I feel so much better. I guess it helps to know that 10 percent of Australians are insomniacs too. Heh. Ada kaki, ada gang.

Hmmm. I don't like biscuits much. And definitely not milk. Green tea's fine. May work on that. But doesn't tea contain caffeine?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Jono
– Whoa. And the doctor speaks.

For once, we agree. JONO, WE AGREE!!! *grin* Yeah. I'm not for taking sleeping pills. It's bad for the long run. What if I turn out HAVING to take it in order to catch my winks!? That'd be even worse.

See, that forcing to relax thing didn't quite work out for me. A failed experiment, I'd say. Blah.

And you know what? I DID take that shower before bedtime. I did. Didn't work. Hmmm. Maybe I didn't quite hit the 30-minute thing.

And yes. I was computer-ing before bedtime while I waited for my hair to dry.

Why should I get out of bed? But I wanna sleeeeep! And Mr Doc, how exactly is reading any better than computer-ing? You don't use your brain while you read? How do you do it then?

And okay, there's something I don't quite understand here. Bed is a place for rest, no? I highly doubt that sex is restful. My "bed" and I are bound to be confused. Hence, my conditioning is bound to fail.

I do wake up at the same time everyday. It irritates me no end. Regardless of what time I sleep, I wake up at seven plus. ONE BLOODY HOUR before my alarm is set to welcome in the sunlight yada-yada.

And I'm indoors most of the time. How to work with sunlight? Cannot laaa. I should have been born a bat.

And yes. Look, we agree again. My bioclock is super kaulat off. Sigh.

Next question: How to right a wrong bioclock? Heh.

vincent said...

Read somewhere that Honey helps...try it. I'm also curious to know...hehehe

zecount said...

hmmm ... have to bring out secret weapon already ... try u read psalms and proverbs... not that i get insomnia spells but it does work ... oh and might i suggest DUN put on the music then ..maybe ur brain subconsciously working becos od the music ...try it out

pamsong said...

ATTN: Vincent
– Waaa! Vincent is heeerreeee! Haha. Hello hello!

Hmmm. Honey. Makes sense. It's warm, calming, and definitely smells heavenly. I used to drink hot honey. Very nice. Perhaps I should do it before bedtime. Finally! A suggestion I'm open to using! Bravo, Vincent. You have managed the impossible. HAHA.

ATTN: Zecount
– WHAT!? No music!? How cannnn?! No no no! Cannot laaaa. Sniff. And why read?! Your brain will be thinking worrr. And how sad is it if you read the Bible then can fall asleep. You make the Bible sound like a bore book!

zecount said...

i just knew u would say that ... some how reading the bible gives a calming peace ... and it's not BORING ok

pamsong said...

Haha. Just finding fault. No fun meh? At least I make you think and make your life more interesting.

*big big smile*

zecount said...

sengaja pick my bones ...u noti *holding rotan*

pamsong said...

Haha. Like la your rotan can reach Malaysia. Haha. Hold until hand break also no use. HAHA. Keep la, keep la.

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