Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Coming Soon To CINEMAS Near You

To whom it may concern,

Ahem, ahem. Yes, that's KL.
Need I say more?



Nisha said...

Hey babe,

Did you get the offer? So when is the official date?


pamsong said...

Haha. No la. Round 2. But that's better than nothing, right? Haha. WOO HOO! See you TONIGHT! Mwah!

zecount said...

finally going to work already ah ...where where??

Leon said...

Probably for Cleo or Her World or one of those feminist magazines.

Come to think of it, probably shooting for the Before and After ad.

Ladies, here's what you look like before you turn feminist (shows scarlett johanssen). And tada! Here's what you look like AFTER!


pamsong said...

ATTN: Zecount
– Haha. No lar. Where got so fast. Will let you guys know if things work out. =p

ATTN: Leon
– Eh! Mana you sakit?

And FYI they're called FEMALE magazines. Pls get it right rather than go ahead and blindly shoot in the dark.

zecount said...

hahahaha ok ok ..gambate ya !! Good luck

pamsong said...

Thanks, man!

*keeps fingers crossed*

*clasps hands to pray*

Hmmm. Can you actually do that? I'm trying but my hands look worse that ET's. =p

zecount said...

when u clasp ur hand to pray ..ur fingers already crossed what

DelvC said...

eh tak syok lah ..wait till i come back then go watch movie all the movie before i go US ..hahaha!!

ming said...

FuIIiiYooo... Female huh.. =p All the best babe...

If you are going to small small town in Us, then you'd better watch all the movies before u come here...=_="

small town cinema --> they playing old show n free seating
big city --->need at least 15 dollars for a movie.. =(

Jacob. Y said...

No wonder, Holywood so rich.

DelvC said...

Ming "before you COME HERE ?"
you are in US ?
i will be going to Ohio colombus ..
how i wish colombus is quite ..haha!!
more landscape for me to shoot ..

aiyoh ..if i go there i make sure i get a good connection then download movie saja loh ..

pams first pay check,hehe ..moviekaki free movie ..
like that lah ..birthday member no need to pay .. other members pay ..

Anonymous said...

E/G# Asus B C#m
Hosanna, Hosanna,

Asus C#m B
Hosanna in the highest

Anonymous said...

whoa that was some bad tabbing man...blogspot is not accurate....second line, the C#m and the B chord should be at the beginning and end of HIGHEST respectively..

ming said...


Yeap! I'm in Us.. but a very small town in Minnesota... I have fiend in Ohio Columbus, he just graduated! anyway, no worries, Ohio is so much more better than here..=(

Wait! You cant download music or movies in Us!! I mean you can but you have to be careful..because you can be deported back to m'sia anytime... They are very strict..i'm serious...=(

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zecount
– No la. When you clasp your hands, your fingers intertwine with each other. But that doesn't mean that your fingers are crossed wor. Crossed fingers are different!

– Haha. You la. Aih, dun think about movie so much la. Go enjoy Benny Hinn conference okay. Come back and spread the "love".

Eh, you going US for what? Study!? Since when!?! Cheh. MovieKaki apa sai? You gonna cabut di! Teruk la you! Forfeit for leaving us: Next.Movie.On.DelvC. Nyek nyek.

Ok la. The birthday thing is a good idea.

ATTN: Ming
– Power to the women. Haha. Thanks babe. Got it. =p

Eh, you got regret never watch enough movies in Malaysia or not? Haha. See, last time ask you go dun wan! Cheh. Now go and pay USD15 la. Haha. Sakit kau kau.

ATTN: Jacob. Y (with the period at the wrong place)
– Now you know. That's where the big bucks are. Forget UK. Go US. Haha.

ATTN: Anonymous
– Not eager to reveal yourself Hosanna visitor?

Haha. No lar. It's not that Blogspot isn't accurate. Just that the fonts for typing and those for publishing are different so the space given for SpaceKeys are of different widths. It's okay. Most of those who'd know this song are musical (at least we think we are) anyway. We know what you meant. =p

zecount said...

delvin's parents are in US what.. dun u know??? aiyo kaki pula ... n logically thinkin intertwine fingers are also crossed what ... instead of on the same hand u using both hands what .. (sumhow i'm sensing ur sooo gonna disagree with me)

ming said...

I tried to watch as much as I can already.. I think I went to cineleisure or GSC 5 times a week..=(

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zecount
– I know that they're there. But I didn't know he was planning to head their way for studies! Thought he was pro-Malaysia!

And dun la jealous you not here to ber-MovieKaki.

Haha. You're smart. I DISAGREE! You try and then look and see. Imagine crossing your fingers when you're lying. Like in the movies. Then you see if same or not? If based on what you say, they only cross PATHS. They are not crossed with each other.

ATTN: Ming
– HAHA. Got so many times meh? Waa, liddat la. That time watch movie never call la. Too much.

ming said...

You were in pulau the pinang la dat time..=p

pamsong said...


ming said...

Anyway..tell me when you got the job! =p

pamsong said...

Haha. Got di. =p

ming said...


pamsong said...

Haha. Ya la. Serious. Haha. Cool, right? I also think quite cool. HAHA.

Babe ah, I wanna make potato chicken in tau ewe. I bought everything di. Why you not here waaaaannn? Eat alone sure feel different.

zecount said...

eh ..talking so long about job ...what job is it ah???

pamsong said...


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