Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's The Deal With This New Twitter Hype Anyways?

Not that Twitter's new. At all.

*rolls eyes, brushes shoulders,
flicks fringe out of eyes (T_T)
and hair over left shoulder*

But that the hype about it seems to be.

Hmmm. Funny how that is.

You see, I've never considered myself a very forward person when it comes to tech. But I must say, my online tech patterns tell me I'm not that much of a laggard after all. Haha.

I've been on Twitter for 1.5 years, almost 2 years now. (Twitter doesn't say exactly when I joined and I don't remember – you know me and my funky memory. Bleh.) And when I first blogged about my lack of activity on Twitter in February 2008, I had 10 followers. A bit the sad case then.

But a mere 15 months later, I find myself with a total of 150 followers. (And only 170 updates in total. Hahaha. The updating bit still a bit the fail.) Quite the jump in numbers if you ask me. Very surprising. Especially since I still slack terribly when it comes to the updating part of the equation.

Guess the rest of the world's finally jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, huh? And Malaysians are finally picking up on the trend. Heh. About time. Feels like Facebook. If you don't have an account, you ain't cool, you ain't "in", and you sure as hell ain't connected.

But I guess that although shooting out a twit does deliver a teeny tiny ounce of hear-me-now orgasmic satisfaction, I'd still much rather blog than twit. I am a woman of many words. And I like pretty pictures. So Twitter's words-only platform just doesn't quite cut it for me. But...

If you'd like to hear what I have to say
(in less than 140 characters), follow me.


Mel0dramatic said...

I will follow you~

pamsong said...

ATTN: Mel0dramatic
– Fooollooowww yeewww wheeerreeever yyyooooouuu mayy gooooooooo...

Does that include K?

estherlauderlyn said...

but you never follow me! :(

Jan said...

I dont have tweeety.. ops twitter.

Okie i will follow yewwww

pamsong said...

ATTN: estherlauderlyn
– Cos I don't follow wannn! The ppl I follow are kena paksa rela follow wan. -_-'

– Haha. Wheee! Time to jump on the bandwagon, woman!

Spectre said...

now only at twitter : slow poke ROFL!

Jack said...

i twit more than blog.. hey em a person with few words.. =)

me first twit
2:26 AM Mar 7th, 2007

pamsong said...

ATTN: Spectre
– Excuuusseee meee, it's obvious you didn't bother reading my post. HAH! I've been on twitter for more than 2 years now. 2 years and almost 3 months. HAH!

ATTN: Jack
– Haha. Not bad, not bad. My first twit: 12:17 AM Mar 10th, 2007 from web. Looks like I'm not that far off from you. Haha. We are innovators of tech!

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