Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Thursday Just Picked Up

I'm so, so, so happy. Deliriously so. Giddy headed with joy. Ecstatic. I like that word. Ekxssstatic! Haha. But yes, that I am. Like, totally.


REASON 1: Doktor Lurve just dropped me Keith Urban's latest album, Defying Gravity. The very one that I've been Googling high and low for the longest time. The one that has also been causing me to resurface empty handed every time. (Stupid Amazon expects me to pay for my music. How ridiculous is that, I ask you??? *grin*)

REASON 2: Pastor Kev just called. At 4:08PM, to be exact. Though the reason for it was the oddest one ever, it turned my day around. Made me a happy girl. =)

REASON 3: Talking Bear (I've blogged about him before but right now, I can't for the life of me remember what I called him last he appeared) and I just had the most ridiculous 3-line conversation ever.

Okay, maybe I was the one who turned
it around and made it silly... but still! Haha.

REASON 4: MEL0dramatic just told me that he could get me colourful drinks. Hahaha. Long story. But yeah, who wouldn't smile at colourful drinks, eh? I'm all for putting some colour into my drinks. Except for blue. I don't do blue water. Not pink either – reminds me of antibiotics. Green's out – been said to be bad for foodstuff cos it doesn't appeal to the appetite. And although black's cool, it's a no cos well... it's black.

Oh, and no overly sweet, diabetic-inducing stuff. Drinks that make my toes curl aren't going to go down easy. Haha. And although I don't mind cold shakes, I'd rather have my drinks hot. Cos my office is a freaking refrigerator.

Proof! And no, he wasn't working. The dude was on Twitter.

FYI, I'm not mafan, I just have a lot of PREFERENCES. (MEL0dramatic said so himself – HAH!)

REASON 5: I just went for my afternoon pee. Looked myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. MY SKIN SO NICE TODAY! (Of late, it's been crap.) I like! Got glow glow summore man. Dun play play. =p

I think I may end up reusing this for Project 365. =p

Haha. I tell you, sleep really does wonders lah. If everybody had 8 hours of sleep a night, there'd be no ugly people in the world.


hon said...

i sleep like 2,246,345 winks a night (that roughly equates to 12 hours, methinks) and im STILL ugly, retarded and short. LMAO!

ps: not. anyway, nice self portrait again. you look brilliant. =)

pamsong said...

ATTN: hon
– YOU GET 12 HOURS OF SLEEP DAILY!?! No fair! I want that!

And with that amount of sleep, you're probably now just pretty ugly, retarded and short. HAHA.

p/s: Thanks for the compliment. Sleep is very becoming of me. =)

Jan said...

No wonder you look better than me... my 8hrs of sleep =x

So nice got colorful drink??
Take a picture and show it on your blog... i wanna see what it look like and must describe what it tastes like :)


Anyway i am glad to see that you are a happy girl today. take care :D

hon said...

no kidding. but prolly 10 hours la. 12 is a tad overkill. my overly kind boss would castrate me for turning up at my desk 2pm everyday. =x

Mel0dramatic said...

That's a nice top.. You got stail

pamsong said...

– HAHAHA. 8 hours and you're complaining?! =p

And yeah. When it comes I'll snap lah ya. Think it'll look better than it tastes though. =p

Happy happy joy joy! But dizzy. Blergh.

ATTN: hon
– Wahhhh... So nice! Your boss looking for more employees or not? I think I'd like to work there. What time you go home every day?

ATTN: Mel0dramatic
– Haha. Thanks! But it's not a top. It's pashmina. My office is a refrigerator, remember? =p

Jan said...

I meant where is my 8hrs of slep =x

Resurrected said...

so you pee once every afternoon?

pamsong said...

– Hahaha. You lah. Everyday do thesis only. WORKAHOLIC!

ATTN: Resurrected
– Uh huh. At least once lah. =p

pamsong said...

ATTN: Resurrected
– Eh! What's it to you???

Jeffro said...

Eh eh.. no recycling pictures pls..
take a new one for your project 365.. *grins*

dawningthoughts said...

i like this picture of you!

and you have very nice glasses!! - where are they from? : )

xx dawnwoo

pamsong said...

ATTN: Jeffro
– But but... what's wrong with that picha??? I like it!

ATTN: dawningthoughts
– Haha. Thanks! And those frames are Oakleys. I like 'em, too. Haha. =)

hon said...

630pm officially. 10pm usually. 1am if i have concalls to the states. rushing for deadlines... timeless.

zecount said...

Pastor called you !!!!!! ... so nice

Huai Bin said...

I see your glow too!

I think it came from the window behind you. ;)

inkish27 said...

bah the 8 hours sleep is not doing me any good...

BUT CHEH WAH.. Glowing! apa facial product you use???
Or the picture's trick? ^^
Looks really healthy(skin)

Spectre said...

Woah u still look beautiful *cough blood* even with less sleeping around. XD

pamsong said...

ATTN: hon
– Wah! So good life! I like! You work in Sg?

ATTN: zecount
– Haha. Yeah. It was very nice. =)

ATTN: Huai Bin
– Haha. Babi.

ATTN: inkish27
– Me? I use Dermalogica. HAHA. Go try!

ATTN: Spectre

Simon Seow said...

Wow. No need do facial also so nice your skin.

Jeffro said...

nope.. there's nothing wrong with that.. just that we want more pictures.. =D so it's the perfect excuse to ask ya to grab another.. =P

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