Saturday, May 02, 2009

My Labour Day Weekend So Far

Thursday Night:
Watched Wolverine at PC1, TGV Cinemas, The Gardens, Mid Valley City (what a mouthful!) courtesy of The Company. Thought it was superb. COS HUGH JACKMAN SO SO HOT LAH SUMMORE WHY WOR??? The fella yummy daddy lah. Mmmm. I like many many.

Late Thursday Night:
Karaoke session with the crew. Sang a lot but still... rasa macam tak puas. Anybody else up for a little bit of sing song with Pam Song?

Wee Hours of Friday Morning:
*censored* Came home to discover that Mrs Housemate's shoes were staying the night. *cough cough* Took a shower. Decided that I didn't like my empty-looking wardrobe. Ended up doing laundry. At 5:30AM. Even ironed a whole bunch of clothes while waiting for the machine to complete its cycle. Blergh.

Friday Morning:
Slept in. (That means getting 5-and-a-half hours of sleep.) Skipped breakfast. Didn't get up, not even to pee.

Friday Afternoon + Night:
Was a guest at DASH United – a wedding I'll never forget. The groom teared and the bride cried. Heck, even I felt like I wanted to cry! If Mee was there, she'd totally be bawling like a baby. No joke. Over a thousand guests during the exchange of vows and 80 tables in total for the dinner. (Phew!) Crazy stuff. I took G1 out for a spin so... pictures soon. =D

Wee Hours Of Saturday Morning:
My suspicions have been confirmed. *censored* Mrs Housemate is in fact, THE REAL Mrs Housemate. Sure. 100%. Guarantee. Without question. Without a doubt. Confirm-firm. Cos I saw I-love-you-you-love-me notes lying around. *shiver* And it's the second night them shoes are staying over. Hmmm. Think I should keep the radio on at all times.

(Like so wth, right? Haha.)

The Plan For Saturday:
IMMA HEADED FOR MALACCA, BAY-BEH! G1's second adventure is about to begin. In just 5 hours and 42 minutes, to be exact. Which reminds me... It's BEDTIME! Toodles noodles!


Spectre said...

1)i guess your saliva is drooling during watching the movie? ewhhhhh XD

2) the MRS. housemate? u never heard something called privacy?

3) safe journey pamsong ! bye2

PS :can get me melaka Chicken rice ball?

yapthomas said...

hahaha "Bonus Section" :P

pamsong said...

ATTN: Spectre
– 1. Haha. Must you even ask? Haha. He so hunky lah.

2. HAHA. Hey, I've begun tiptoeing around my own house and doing stuff that requires me to be outside the bedroom at the oddest hours so I don't bump into them. I think I'm being quite nice already lor.

3. Thanks! But yuck to the chicken rice balls. I don't like em. So geli lah ppl squash your rice before you eat. Blergh.

ATTN: yapthomas
– HAHAHA. Yeah. Supposed to be only the things I have already done ma. =p So anything extra is bonus lorrr. WAKAKAKKA.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Spectre
– Ok fine. You made me feel bad. I'm tweaking the post. -_-

RealGunners said...

oi!!! nia sing!!! so many *censored*!!! please don't practice what those lembaga filem negara dudes are doing la.. blogosphere is free!!~~ grrr... kek sim.. haihzz

§pinzer said...

wa so many updates to fill my bored head! i want half ur life! nay, can i take ur bonus too?


Jeffro said...

Censored.. LOL.. luckily i tersilap highlighted all, then i saw the "censored" *coughs* hidden *coughs* messages.. =P

Ooo.. u also watched Wolverine.. Cool.. Hmm wait a minute.. I've been hearing ppl (girls) calling Hugh Jackman hot.. only coz they say his buttocks.. u too?

benyong said...


pamsong said...

ATTN: RealGunners
– Hahahaha. I blame Spectre. He made me feel bad for posting what I did so... IT'S HIS FAULT YOU CANNOT SEE!!!

ATTN: §pinzer
– You want half my life!? Hahahaha. Trust me, you wouldn't want it after half a day. Tired gila babi sial.

And if you wanted my post-related bonus, it's too late. I'm back from Malacca already. Haha. And if it's monetary bonus you're looking for, you ain't getting it either. HAHA.

ATTN: Jeffro

No lah. I don't think Hugh (che wah, first name basis!) has a cute butt. I never paid attention to that. It's... the whole package lor.

ATTN: benyong
– What usually follows is: Zzz.

Jeffro said...

You didn't pay attention to his buttocks, because of the whole package? LOL.. i only stared at the C.... *coughs* nearly said wrongly I mean claws! Ooo.. so shiny~!

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