Saturday, October 13, 2012

Red Eye

Busted some capillaries in my right eye yesterday morning. Goodness knows how I did it also. Didn't hurt but it annoyed me for a little bit. Felt like I had a lump of stubborn eye sai that I couldn't get rid off, smeared across my outer right eye for the most part of the day. But other than that little bit of annoyance... I wouldn't have noticed it anyways.

Took that shot with my Easy-Macro™. =p
Mind you, it wasn't an easy shot to take, okay!! 

It was night time so I had to sit in front of my table lamp to get good light, with a pocket mirror open in front of me so I could see my iPhone screen reflected in it. Then, I had to hold my phone with one hand and keep my eye on the reflection while I focused the shot with my other hand. The cherry on top was that I also needed to look away from the screen so the right part (read: the busted part) of my eye would be in the pic, before I snapped. Phew!! So much work for just a little bit of macro fun.


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