Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Don't Know Much About Brands

Okay, so there I was, slouched on the bed with my lappie before me, going through my mail (the e-kind of course) and catching up on the latest offers from all them super-deals-discounts-galore websites when I realised... I don't know sh*t about luxury brands. @_@ Never did. :-/

I didn't know that Longchamp was "branded" until a couple of years ago. I kid you not. It was only in 2010 that I got schooled by Mama in church one Sunday. Haha. Before that, I always thought it was some cheapo brand ah mas and super aunties buy to go marketing with cos it's light and big enough to stuff vege and chicken into. HAHAHA. Wasn't even aware that it was "branded" enough for the Petaling Street folk to create replicas and sell. Thought it was a Petaling Street brand to begin with. =p

I didn't know Prada cost an arm and a leg (and a kidney and half a liver) until last year. Almost died of heart attack when I discovered that a simple, fabric (not even leather!) baby bag could easily cost RM4,000 and more. @_@ Who makes them with such finesse that they should cost so much anyways?! Fairies of The Enchanted Wood???

I didn't know Loewe or Givenchy were "branded" enough to sell small- and medium-sized handbags at four-figure prices. Cos seriously speaking? I wouldn't recognise a Loewe handbag or a Givenchy handbag if you carried one. Heck, I don't even know what their logos look like in the first place! So even if you spent your entire paycheck on them and purposely come up to me and lansi in front of me, it'd be wasted effort. Haha.

I didn't know Hermès was SO ridiculously expensive. Just like how I've only ever heard people talking about Birkin bags but never bothered to find out what they look like. Only found out THIS YEAR when Duh Roads noticed someone we know carrying it and mentioned it to me. Of course, at the time I nonchalantly went, "Oh issit?" and conveniently thought she was referring to a brand called "Birkin" instead of a type of Hermès. HAHA. (Note: I still had to Google to sound intelligent writing this paragraph. =p)

I didn't know Bottega Veneta sold bags that cost more than my car. @_@ I didn't even know weaved bags could cost even 10% the selling price of an original Bottega Veneta handbag to begin with! Don't our resident orang asli do the same with their mengkuang leaves and charge maybe RM10 for a big-ass weaved basket I could fit into?? :-/ What makes the Bottega Veneta weave so special? Does the leather come from flying cows? I wonder.

I have to admit, The Husband probably knows
more about branded bags than I do.

But he's not SO well-versed
with the pricing either. =p

I remember we were in London, walking hand in hand around Harrods, during our honeymoon, when The Husband turned to me and asked, "What should we get Mama?" "Get her a handbag. She likes one of the Dior bags. She show me before," I answered. "Ok la, let's get that," he replied without a second thought. So, we boldly walked right into the Dior section... and died. HAHAHA. Needless to say, Mama didn't get her Dior handbag that trip. =p

But I think The Husband is forgiven even if he doesn't know the pricing la. Cos he's a dude. It's not their thing. I'm the bigger loser cos I'm a girl who doesn't know her luxury brands or her prices. Haha. But... is that really such a bad thing?


kellster said...

It's time for me to bring you under my wing young padawan.

I know each tier and level and price range

But only because i dream for it. wtf.

pamsong said...

ATTN: kellster
– Hahahaha. TEACH ME O WISE ONE! I don't even know which is more expensive - LV or Bottega. Haha.

Lissa said...

Burberry and Anya Hindmarch! <3

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lissa
- I'd recognise a Burberry but I wouldn't even know an Anya if you stuffed it in my face. @_@

kellster said...

Pam: LV is basically under generic luxury brand. Bottega is more "designer" brands like your Michael Kors and etc. I think price range both can fight but LV also have lower ends one to consort to the masses. Bottega doesn't.

pamsong said...

ATTN: kellster
- So which one more glam if you carry? Eh... but Michael Kors isn't so ex leh. Considered "designer brand"? :-/ Zis iz confuzing.

kellster said...

pam: wah you banyak duit ah! Michael Kors is under designer. means it's by a DESIGNER la. all those gucci prada is under a BIG umbrella company.
Kors is same level as Marc by Marc Jacobs.

To be frank, all branded stuff has diff levels la. Just that certain names can never go lower than certain amount.

The niche market and more matured crowd prefers Bottega.
LV just more common and mass market lor. Lowest LV bag can buy bout RM2K+ but fairly small one.

kellster said...

I would prefer to hold a Bottega la. More "atas" and premium feel.

pamsong said...

ATTN: kellster
– No la. Not banyak duit. But true ma. MK compared to LV, of course MK cheaper and considered not so ex lah!

Haha. So you're the more "matured" crowd? =p

This brand thing is confusing, man. So what is the most expensive brand in the world?

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