Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Do. NOT. Waste. A. New. Outfit.

Cos it's a crime! Seriously!

I'm sooo reluctant to put on new clothes if I'm not going anywhere special. Do you guys ever get that feeling, too? It's like a new outfit is just thoroughly WASTED on a nothing-special day. Pfft! I mean, why would anyone ever want to do such injustice to innocent, new clothes that you paid good money for??? Blasphemy!

Having said that, my wardrobe is currently pregnant with dresses and tops (mainly dresses) I have yet to wear simply because this past year just hasn't been very "eventful" for me. You know, considering I'm working from home most of the time, sitting in front of the comp in my PJs and all. Doesn't really require much styling or dressing up, does it? *snorts*

That and cos aside from the fact that I'm always working in my jammies, I'm also plagued with the mother of all "fat days" that refuses to go away after a poop. (I gained a whopping 6.9KGs in the last 7 months, if you must know. :-/) My snug-fit, corporate-styled dresses are a little too snug now to be considered decent to wear or even look remotely presentable so... Ugh.

Fashion-wise, I'd say I'm stuck between a rock (no good reason to get dressed up) and a hard place (the extra weight I've gained) right now. So, I guess my wardrobe will just have to stay pregnant with clothes I can't wear for awhile. At least till I start hitting the town again when I'm out of harms way, and when I've successfully laboured off the weight I've put on recently.

Till then, dear new outfits,
I love you and I won't let you down.
Your time in the spotlight will come.


陳一豪 said...


lei yau zhor arrr?

pamsong said...

ATTN: 陳一豪
– Lei hou pat kua arrr... Hahaha. If got baby come I let you all know ok? Chill!

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