Friday, October 05, 2012

Glass Nail File From Sephora

You guys know how I've always been a hand person, right? (Like, I observe people's hands and appreciate nice-looking hands whenever they appear before me.) So when it comes to my own hands, I'm pretty particular, too. Having said that, I'll have you know that I diligently file my nails after every cut. (Only fingers lah. Couldn't be bothered about toe-nails.)

I've been using an el cheapo Watson metal file since forever. Like, since I discovered filing way back in my high school days. Seriously. Bought it back when I was upper secondary for like RM3.90 or something, and have been using the very same one since. Haha. It's definitely more than 10 years old. Maybe 12 or 13, if I were to be more accurate.

Thing is, that metal file takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to file my nails into shape. They do an acceptable job smoothening out the corners but, truth be told, emery boards work faster if I want any shaping done. (I don't buy emery boards. I just use the ones hotels give. #elcheapomaximum) But emery boards are so, so rough it's actually double the work cos I'll need to smoothen out the ends of my nails again after with my metal nail file.

That why I SO need Sephora's Glass Nail File.

If you have no idea what a glass nail file is, you're not alone. I went, "Wha-HUH??" when I first saw it along the colourful shelves of Sephora, too. But trust me, after using it, I have to say, it is DA BOMB. Here's mine:

 My Glass Nail File from Sephora in its protective tube.

The beauty of this nail file isn't just in its fancy good looks. It works like a charm, too! It's really efficient in shaving off significant amounts of nail tip when you apply enough pressure, yet fine enough to keep the edges effortlessly smooth and neat. I usually take about 3-4 minutes to file all 10 fingernails down to my liking after a cut but this baby this took me all of 60 seconds. Perhaps even less. I was super impressed.

Here's a close up of the filing area.

 Even closer still.

Like perfectly sandblasted glass
– not too fine, not too rough. =)

You'll notice my file isn't clean but that's only cos I used it once before deciding it was too good a buy to not rave about it here. Haha. The nail dust goes away if you run it under water though so it's really no biggie. I could live with that. Not like my metal nail file or emery boards are all that scar-proof anyways.

The only downside of this fancy file is that I read online that it shatters at a single drop. :-/ Which should come as no surprise, I suppose. I mean, it is made of glass after all, right? It costs $8 USD in America (which isn't too much to pay for a good file that just works, if you ask me) but in Malaysia, it costs a real pretty penny. RM41's worth of pretty pennies. @_@

I only take comfort in the fact that I haven't bought or replaced my nail file in the last 12 or 13 years, and that the last one cost me less than a McValue Meal so... I guess that makes this purchase totally justified. HAHA. More so if I don't go all jelly-fingers on it and drop and break it (CHOI! CHOI! CHOI!), and end up using it for the next 12 or 13 years to come. =p

Oh yeah, mine comes in that gaudy flurescent orange you see above. Only colour they had in-store at the time. But a quick Google check showed me it comes in a few other colours, too. Namely, pink and purple. But those were seen on US sites so... I'm not sure if you'll find them here in Malaysia.

p/s: This is NOT a paid review.


Boon Ong said...

Very nice, indeed.

Initially I thought what is it when I first saw the image! (Till I notice the brand name. lol)

pamsong said...

ATTN: Boon Ong
– Quite cool, right? I think in Singapore got more colours. Here only got this orange.

Elizabeth Black said...

I had a Sephora glass file too and I did drop it and break it... BUT then I got one from Aveniro, which makes the files from the Czech crystal, and it survived many falls! So if you're clumsy as I am you should definitely get on of these at

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