Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mee Goreng, Kedai Kopi Swee Kong, Pulau Tikus

If you're looking for amazing Mee Goreng on Penang Island, most people will direct you to the one at the corner of Bangkok Lane. Well, as a Penangite, I personally don't like that one. I think it's waaay overrated and it doesn't taste as good as this one about 100m away, on the opposite side of the road, in another corner kopi tiam called Swee Kong.

The Mee Goreng here is to. die. for. It's tasty and it's not swimming in fake tomato juice unlike the other one. This one is fried to perfection until it's just dry enough to have all the egg and sauce stick to the noodles. Just the way I like it.

 My super duper yummy Mee Goreng with egg,
but no taugeh, no sayur, and only potato and tau kua.

Don't be quick to judge if you think it looks pathetically plain. It's only cos of my special order. Dee's Mee Goreng looked more "normal" and appetising. Like so:

See?? Looks good right??

I tell you, this uncle's Mee Goreng is waaay better than the one at Bangkok Lane lah. Seriously. Just take my word for it. To be fair, Bangkok Lane wan used to be ok. Not my favourite but a good substitute if this uncle's Mee Goreng is sold out. But now?? Jatuh standard maximum. The last time I tried it a few months back, it tasted worse than crap. The whole plate of mee reeked of tomato and nothing else. That, and the mee was so wet I almost thought I ordered Mee Rebus by mistake. Terrible, terrible, terrible. I'd rather not eat, man.

So, yes. The Mee Goreng at Kedai Kopi Swee Kong
at the corner of Solok Moulmein is the way to go. =)

Heard that, Chatty Lass? =p


Ping Ping said...

Don't like that leh..wanna eat mee goreng now...the funny thing is hor, how come all the mee goreng people mia cooking turner or the spatula la end up becoming very small...i'm guessing they keep frying till little parts of the spatula fall into the food.. =P

pamsong said...

ATTN: Ping Ping
- Hahaha. Trust me, while writing this post, I suffered, too! Totally wanted to eat more. Haha.

Eh, this uncle cook that time ah, he damn gungho wan! Hit the kuali like if the kuali more sakit, the mee goreng more tasty. Hahaha. Maybe that's why all the spatula become kecik kecik. Haha.

ms.bulat said...

Dammit. It's 2am and I want mee goreng!!

Zhen Ying said...

Hahahahaha, I know this uncle when cook banyak bising. Hit here, hit there. Btw, have you tried the wan tan mee at that coffee shop. It's one of the best around in my opinion. The ban chang kuih and indian pasembur in front of it also nice. Apparently the hokkien mee is also good. I've never tried it coz it's always sold out before 9am. @__@""

pamsong said...

ATTN: ms.bulat
- Eh, whether 2am or not, you still cannot indulge in this super amazing Mee Goreng unless you're in Penang. Haha.

ATTN: Zhen Ying
- Hahahaha. You said it! Wah, have to sit far far or else cannot talk when he's cooking man. Too bising di. Haha.

Yeah I've heard that the Wan Tan Mee is good but I prefer another stall that sells at night. Opposite the old Lai Lai Burmah. The Hokkien Mee not my style so... Bleh. Also bo suka. Haha. (But Shen doesn't mind it.) Didn't know the Pasembur was famous. I always eat the one at Padang Brown. Ban Chang Kuih not bad. HAHA. But generally speaking lah, I see people eat everything when they're there so I assume all also boleh pakai wan la.

Zhen Ying said...

I like the wan tan mee opposite Lai Lai Burmah too. Only sell wan tan mee and the chinese style mee goreng right? It's my late grandma's favourite shop. The Padang Brown pasembur is also very nice. Popiah there is also yum. Have you tried the hokkien mee in one of the streets near Gama. The street is called Sa Tiao Lor in hokkien. They only sell hokkien mee and lor mee at night. Just thinking of all these good food is making me salivate and remember how each of them taste. I miss Penang so much!!!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
- YOU DO??? Very few people think of that Wan Tan Mee whenever they want Wan Tan Mee, I think. Haha. But it's good la. You have good taste, my friend! No wonder our friendship has lasted through the years. HAHAHA.

And yeaaa... Padang Brown Pasembur is the only one I eat. But you know me la. I only eat the keropok stuff and the cucumber. All the others I dun wan. Haha.

Popiah I used to like the one at our Frankie Pizza place but now the uncle like dun really sell anymore. He appears sometimes and close shop sometimes. Very difficult to catch him. Talking about that kopi tiam, WE SHOULD HAVE FRANKIE PIZZA TOGETHER WHEN YOU'RE BACK! With Coffee Bean! Hahaha. Been a looooong time.

Hmmm... Never tried Sa Tiao Lor's Hokkien Mee. I like the one at Anson Road. As for Lor Mee, I like the one near Prangin Mall. But I'm not sure what the road is called. :-/

Penang hawker food rocks la. Nobody can fight. Haha. Come back soon laaaa...

pamsong said...

To nobody in particular:

I feel like having Mee Goreng NAOOOOOO... T_T

Zhen Ying said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... WE SHOULD RE-VISIT OUR TRADATION MAN!!!!!!! It's been too loooooooong. Is frankie pizza still there? I haven't had it since the last time we had it.

Obviously I have good taste. I wouldn't be a proud Penangnite if I don't know a handful of yummy food hotspots. LOL. ;p I miss all the good food Penang has to offer.

Go eat Mee Goreng la. Not far leh.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
- Hahaha. Those were good times right??? Omg I miss those days where we'd have our dinner dates. Haha. As far as I know Frankie Pizza is still there. But no longer the same college dude. It's run by some Indonesian girl now.

Haha. Ya la ya la. Penangite kau kau la you. Haha. It's been over a year since you've been back right? Must suck to miss all the hawker food here. Do you ever try to replicate in desperation?

I dunno if can go eat Mee Goreng la. Maybe I try to go today. Beh tahan liao. Or maybe I'll have Siam Road Char Koay Teow. I miss that too. Haha.

Zhen Ying said...

Let's go try and see whether it's as good as before. I hope our pure vanilla will not disappoint us.

Yeah, I've not been back for more than a year. I can't wait to go home!!!! I've made Hokkien Mee, Assam Laksa, Lor Mee, Chicken Rice, Char Koay Teow and Sar Hor Fun. The 1st 2 were made from packet pastes with additional ingredients. I am proud of my Lor Mee that I made from scratch. I liked it a lot. Thinking about it, I may make it for my parents and brother when I'm home in Pg. You can come over for it if you want it. :D

Go for both la.... Later you gien until ki siau.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
– You come back first lahhhh, talk so much. Ish!

Ooo, and guess what??? I just tried Pure Vanilla at Starbucks yesterday. It was good, too! I was surprised. If Coffee Bean disappoints, we have back-up now! Hahahaha.

Your Hokkien Mee boleh pakai wan or not? Haha. Ok! You let me know when you make Lor Mee. I'll go eat! Hahaha.

Zhen Ying said...

Ok, I book you. When I come back, we go Frankie's Pizza and Coffee Bean/Starbucks.

Of course, my Hokkien Mee boleh pakai la. Hahaha. The paste is good. Adding more ingredients to the soup makes it even yummier.

I'll let you know again when I'm Lor Mee.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
– Then you better come back REAL soon or middle of next year di. Haha.

Wa wa wa... look who's tooting her own Hokkien Mee horn. HAHA.


Zhen Ying said...

I'll be back in Jan. WAIT FOR ME!!!!!

Hahaha, I'm happy with the way it turned out. :D

Go away la!!!! Making me jealous nia. Hmmpphhh....

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
– JAN??? Serious?? COME FIND MEEEEEE!!! Give me a call and I'll direct you. I think that time I still cannot go jalan jalan yet. Gah! If only we can sneak out and eat to our hearts content then! T______T

Zhen Ying said...

Yes!!!!!! I'll be back in Jan for a few days before leaving for Indonesia and Singapore. I can come find you in those few days and after I'm back at the end of the month. I'll try to sneak you out if not I go tarpau what you wanna eat and we eat to our hearts content. :)

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
– Wah, damn happening ah you. Beh tahan nia. And YESSS!! By that time I'll be able to eat WHATEVER I want, whenever I want. No more holding back, man. Even if I'm stuck at home, tapauing will do the trick. I can't wait!

p/s: I'm writing a new post now. It's dedicated to you. =p

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