Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nosey Mozzie

Was kept up by an irritating mosquito last night. I saw it flying about minutes before I went to bed but by the time I had my trusty electric racquet in hand, it was gone and out of sight. Tried looking for it but to no avail. And then I got tired and just went to bed by midnight.

2 hours later... I woke up scratching. I had EIGHT mosquito bites!!! WTH??? An hour after that, I was rudely awakened by an annoying buzzing near my ear. Stupid mozzie was taunting me in the dark!! Presumably saying in his mozzie tongue, "Catch me if you can, suckerrrr!!!"  >(

After that, I just couldn't fall back asleep. So, at 5am, I finally got up and out of bed, and decided enough was enough. It's time this mosquito paid the ultimate price for his pesky wrongdoings. WITH HIS LIFE. >( NO MERCY!!! >( >( >(

*cue dramatic killer scene music*

I hunted him down in the dark of the night
and slayed (read: electrocuted) the winged beast
with a swift sweep of my trusty yellow racquet.
(Saw him resting, all fat and heavy at the edge of a chair.)

And then, just to be a hundred percent sure that this was the mozzie that was biting me all night, I squished it for evidence of my blood. And true enough...

Pictures taken at 5.24AM with Easy-Macro™.


 Last night's victory cry after murder.

Sweeeeeet indeed!


Lissa said...

Well done. :P

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lissa
- Thank you, thank you. It didn't take me TOO long either! *pats self on back*

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