Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Mysterious Nightly Toothache

Since I started taking prescription medication that curve-ball Monday, and although I'm no longer on any of it now, I've been getting nightly toothaches. ONLY at night. And ONLY when I'm going to bed. @_@ It's so weird! And so very, very unbearably painful. T_T

The pain initially started at a single point in the lower-left of my mouth. 10 days later – I didn't wanna go to the dentist cos I know they'd give me a shot if they wanted to do anything and I didn't want another jab of meds when I just had a bunch shoved into me the Monday before – the pain was radiating all through the left side of my face! Even my left ear drum and my left eye hurt whenever the pain came. -_-'''

Seriously lah. Toothache is one of the worst pains in the world, if you ask me. It's like your whole body aches along with that misbehaving tooth. Every throb in your mouth, you feel it in your bones. Radiating all through your body. The pain shooting down your spine and effectively debilitating you. Wah, I was literally thrashing in bed during the bad times, man.

On Tuesday night, the pain got so bad I told The Husband I didn't care already. I wanna go to the dentist. Shot or no shot, I needed this toothache gone! Or else I'd go mad and start ripping out my molars myself one by one. @_@

What's the point of suffering through this pain when I can't relax enough to get any rest when I'm supposed to be on complete bed rest, right? Totally defeats the purpose of being on MC at home. The Husband agreed. So, after a sleepless night, I got up bright and early the next morning, excited to head over to the dentist to get my tooth fixed and to have my pain gone.

The Husband dropped me off at Penang Dental Surgery – my usual pit-stop for all my dental needs. I didn't have an appointment so the lady promised me a loooong wait. And wait long, I did. -_- A good two-and-a-half hours on an uncomfortable sofa, in fact. -_-''' But in my mind, the wait would totally be worth my while because I'd finally get a good night's rest after this.

Finally, after what felt like forever,
they called my name. I went in...

...and came out in 2 minutes.

The dentist said that there was n-o-t-h-i-n-g he could do for me! From the outside, my teeth looked perfectly fine to him. And through some light digging and knocking he could also tell that there was no cavity or abscess under any of my previous fillings either! Wth??

So he sent me home with a packet of
Nurofen 200mg tablets and said,
"See ya in a few months' time."

*blink blink*
Say wud??



I tell you, I have never been this desperate to have a dentist go drill-crazy on me and start digging holes in my teeth. Now, I give the dude a chance but but but... he doesn't want to do anything??? How can?? Next question: How will I sleep with this incessant pain??? *slams head into wall*

I was sooo disappointed. And sooo reluctant to leave the dentist's chair. The dentist's nurse actually had to tell me, "Ok, you can go now." Paid the bill and sulked. You should have seen my face when I entered the car when The Husband arrived. I was ready to burst into tears and moan, groan and wail all the way home. The impending pain of the mysterious nightly toothache was already haunting me although I wasn't in pain... yet. @_@

Thankfully, The Husband went home that day, consulted Google and found me a home-style remedy that's medicine-free – bananas! Works like magic every time so... no more mysterious nightly toothaches for me since Wednesday! Woo hoo! My husband, my hero. =)


reginag said...

It may be a temporary remedy though, but the a good reliever.
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pamsong said...

ATTN: reginag
– Whoa, thanks for the tip! Will definitely read up to find out if it's an option for me at this point in time. =D

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