Monday, October 29, 2012

Missing Christmas

I'm at home, sitting upstairs, in the study, right next to the balcony, sweating like a pig, and melting from the supreme heat of our tropical noon-day sun, when all of a sudden...

...I miss Christmas. =(


I've come to realise that Christmases have somehow
become significantly less Christmas-y for me over the years. :-/

Maybe it's cos I've stopped downloading music. (That includes downloading Christmas tunes to celebrate the season, too.) Heck, maybe it's because I've pretty much stopped listening to music altogether. I used to listen to music whenever I drive. Now, I sometimes drive in silence when I'm alone; and when The Husband's in the car with me, there's even less reason to have the radio (or any other music, for that matter) on.

I used to wake up to song and go to bed with it, too. But that was back when I was flying solo and living it up on my own in a rented room. That's how my housemates knew I was awake, alive and kicking. Haha. But when you've got someone else in the room to talk to, you tend not to resort to music for entertainment or comfort. Plus, it gets difficult settling on music that both can enjoy. (The Husband and I don't always have the same taste in music. I personally think my taste is better. =p)

Also, I think singletons tend to have more fun Christmases. My housemates and I used to put up our tree together (we had a teeny-tiny 1ft tree – HARHAR), string lights around our staircase banister/railings, put presents under the tree (for exchange of gifts), and blast Christmas songs MONTHS before Christmas arrived. It was all very fun, light-hearted, cheery and celebratory.

Christmas celebration at the time was something for us to look forward to amidst the truckload of assignments and boring college work we had to deal with. It also served as a final get-together for all the housemates (who were also friends) to round up the year before we said our 'goodbyes' and return to our hometowns till next year came around.

I miss those times. And I miss having my "Christmas song of the year" to turn to. You know, I used to prepare a whole Christmas playlist before Christmas and have at least one of the tunes on repeat on iTunes till way past the new year. Now, I don't even have a single Christmas tune in mind for 2012 yet! In fact, what did I listen to during the Christmas of 2011? I have no idea. -_-''' The last time I had a "Christmas song of the year", it was 2010. Sigh. Too long ago, too long ago.

Ok, this is getting depressing.

Excuse me for awhile, folks.

I need to go find a Christmas album
to download NOW. Catch ya later.


Lissa said...

Christmas isn't Christmas without the snooooooow!!!! T_T

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lissa
– I haven't even seen snow before!!! T_T

Lissa said...

This needs fixin'!!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lissa

Zhen Ying said...

This is so depressing!!!! :(

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
– YES it so is! But I've found a few albums I want to download already so... hopefully this Christmas is more festive. =)

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