Monday, February 23, 2009

So WTH-Worthy

So the first rant turned out to be a miscomm of sorts. This one *points below* guarantee not miscomm. Memang patut kena belasah verbalisme teruk teruk. (Dammit, how the heck do you say "verbal bashing" in Malay???)

The said post.

Again, I screenshot-ed the entire post so even if it's taken down, you'll still get to read it. (Done ala ShadowFox. I'm a good student. =p) Just click hereto view it in its actual size. Worry not, for what you see is as is on 21 February 2009 at 1:42AM. Seriously though, I doubt this blogger's gonna check back on what I say here so it should still be on the blog lah. This one's a lot less civilised than yumisayuri who, by the way, I highly commend for her response to my earlier post regarding her use of "To Love Is To Give."

ANYHOO... we're not talking about her or that post now. Today, I got new target di. Jeng jeng jeng. Haha. Today, standing afront the Tinki Talks one-man (one-woman, rather) firing squad is "Hot and Spicy Dreams: Hot story and spicy dreams for you desire." *rolls eyes* Even the blog title sucks, wei. England damn off. Haha.

So what this bugger did was he (yes, I'm being gender biased by assuming that the fella's a he) ripped my "Japanese School Girl" post of its title (for the most part – 2 out of 3 words, at least) and stiched it to another one of my posts entitled "In Penang."


Need or not ah? Want raunchy title, but want another post's story. Waaat??? My post for Jap Girl not good enough to snitch? Or my title for the Penang rant wasn't good enough to have? Babi. Now, it's all totally disjointed. What has a Jap school miss gotta do with customer service, driving, aunties and the weather in KL, I ask you??? Sheesh. Wanna copy (actually, they call it "plagiarism," but I doubt a person of your mental capacity would ever be made to understand the term) also use brain a bit can bo?

And come on, man. Guys, just do me this favour and click on the screenshot to read the said post. You've really gotta see it. The dude totally screwed with my spelling and grammar kau kau wei! Look! I compare for you to see.

3. Bikers, cyclists and aunties with big grocery baskets rule the streets. Thinking of taking up a whole lane when you drive cos it's specially made for the width of your car? Please. Just do yourself a favour and forget it. Why? Cos a puny 70cc bike is probably taking up all that space. Or an aunty with bifocals hanging from a chain around her neck, slumberly walking along the road (and by that I mean "right smack in the middle of the road"), dragging her shopping basket along. Or bicycle's going at 2km per hour and you're expected to stick to your place in the queue. Haih. It's freakin' cowboy town here, wei.

3. Bikers, cycliwtss and aujties with big grocery baskehs rjle the streets. Thinking of taking upp a whole lane when you drive cos it’s speckally made ffor th e widtb of your car? Please. Just do yourseif a favour and forget it. Why? Cos x puny 70cc bike is probably taking up all that spsce. Or an aunty with bifocals hanging from a chaim arounc hdr neck, slumberly walking along the road (and by that I mean “right smack in the middle of tme road”), dragging her shopping basket along. Or bicycle’c going xt 2km per hour and you’re expected to stick to your place in the queue. Haih. It’s frezkin’ fwn here, wei.

So wth, right???

Haih. See also heartache man.
My writing, my work – bastardised.

What is with these people lah?

Credits also none, link-back also none,
copy also copy like shit liddat.

Fed up nia.


yapthomas said...

YA Wei..!! Patut dihukum...!!
Time to spam someone's email already!!!

Jeffro said...

WALAU-WEIH.. plagiarized 99 O_O
Sue the fella (im assuming it's a guy too).. *clears throat and holds up a briefcase* Need a laywer?

pamsong said...

ATTN: yapthomas
– Haha. I dunno the fella's email. How to spam? Haha. Or maybe it's there in the website. I just didn't bother enough to look. =p

ATTN: Jeffro
– Terrible righhttt???? It's time this fella got served! Haha.

Chris said...

COmic Relief Makes a Comeback...

Blog Wars!!!

Not so long time ago, in a Blogosphere near you.

It is a period of FB tags and meme, Copy and Paste plagiarists, striking from Internet connected computers, have scored their second victory against the narcissistic Tinki-lactic Empire.

During one of the battle, Plagiarists managed to steal openly published posts from the Empire, "the Jap Girl" + "in Penang", which infuriated Darth Tinki with enuff venom to destroy a errr chopstick.

In another battle, after being pursued by the Empire's powerful weapon, the published post titled "... Copycat Ma'am?", Princess Yumisayuri races home aboard her blog account, custodian of one of the linked back post which irked Darth Tinki at first, quickly kowtow to Darth Tinki to restore her credibiliy to the BLogosphere.


Huai Bin said...

Hahaha! They cleaned up your copy to appeal to the nu g3n3r4t1on! ;)

pamsong said...

ATTN: Chris
– OMG! Hahahaha. You totally TOO free lorrr. How the heck do you get around to thinking about this stuff?? At 3AM summore! It's just nuts!!!

ATTN: Huai Bin
– |<4n n4 $41.

Chris said...

Wah! wah! wah! Look who's talking!

Who's the one publishing posts at 4-5am?

I got those talents and you're juz jealousssssssssssss.

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