Sunday, May 05, 2013

Standing At The Brink Of History

...with a blue pointer finger. =p

It's GE13, bay-beh!!!

Today's Malaysian Google doodle.

At long last, D-Day has comeeee!!!

 This is my second time voting and I must say that the atmosphere is entirely different than it was the last time I voted. Back in 2008, there was hardly anybody at my polling station and I even ended up being the LONE RANGER assigned to my room. This time around? WAH! Cars parked in every available corner and the whole school was jammed packed with people sweating like stinky sardines in a can! Even so, it was very friendly, very happy, very organised chaos, if you ask me. Haha.

At the end of the day, I have zero complaints even though I left looking flushed and feeling very sweaty. The Little Man was super well-behaved throughout and didn't complain once either in spite of the crowd and supreme Penang heat! #littlepatriot #proudmom I think he was the only infant/baby/child at the polling station while we were there so he was a real hit with the aunties and – very surprisingly – the 20-something-year-old men. @_@ #newagemasculinity

Yours Truly with Mee, Dee and Baby.

Anyhew, it's so thrilling to be a part
of this exciting time in history when the fate
of Malaysia could change forever.

Is this the kali? We'll see! =D

Now, to get that damned indelible ink off my finger.


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