Thursday, May 09, 2013

Let's Talk About Hair

Here's a spot of trivia
for all you mothers-to-be:

You'll sport the best hair of your life – healthy-looking, smooth, thick, silky, shiny tresses that don't break or split no matter how you treat them – during your pregnancy. (Good-hair-day every day, yay! =D) You'll also lose the most hair in your life a few months after you pop. T_T

I, personally, started losing my hair in massive chunks four months after my son was born. Almost to the day. (Oddly, it appears that most mothers report the same problem when their babies turn four-months-old, too.) Well, it's been about a month-and-a-half since then and to my ultimate horror, it appears that my body isn't done with shocking me yet, and there is still more hair to lose daily. Look!

What came off and dropped to the floor as I ran a comb
through my post-pregnancy head of hair this morning.


And mind you, that's not even close to
what comes off whenever I wash my hair, ok. Sigh.
(No pictures of this cos it just looks too disgusting.)


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