Saturday, May 25, 2013

iHerb – The Most Awesome Website EVERRRR!!!

Discovered the wonders of iHerb shopping earlier in the year and I've never looked back since. (If you haven't heard of it, OMG HOW CAN???) In fact, I enjoy shopping there so much that I shamefully have to admit that... I'm hooked! (I, urm... placed my fourth order this morning. =p) The stuff there are crazy cheap, I tell you. Like... totally flippin' CRAAAZY cheap. No kidding!

Here's what I ordered during
my first purchase back in March '13:

As you can see, I bought LOTS of stuff... at LESS THAN HALF the price I would find them locally, be it in-stores or online, PLUS a $10 discount off the total bill. HAH! And yes, they ALWAYS throw in a little freebie for good measure. =p Best part is it all only cost me a mere $34.64 USD.

$34.64 USD!!


Hello, that's like, RM100 only wei!!
Crazy cheap or what???

So now, my go-to website to purchase natural baby/organic beauty/general healthy stuff from the US of A for me, my baby and my family is iHerb. Some of the stuff are actually available here but are more than DOUBLE in price at the supermarkets and on Malaysian online stores; some aren't even available here so that's uber cool, too. And at the end of the day, I pay there super cheap prices while only coughing up a surprisingly affordable shipping fee (ONLY $4 USD!!!) to get my loot right to my doorstep.

Let me give you an example of how cheap is the "crazy cheap" I'm talking about, ok. See those Munchkin baby stuff up there? (The three most colourful things in the picture that I've so helpfully made obvious for you to see. =p) I put in the work, did my research and found that sells them, too. And, so you know,'s prices for quality baby goods are pretty much the lowest you'll find in Malaysia already. Now, look how much is selling those things on discount for:

At iHerb, that rubber duckie costs $2.55 (i.e. ±RM7.50) and it's RM19.70 on discount here. That blue squeezy spoon costs $6.34 (i.e. ±RM19) and it's sold for a mind-boggling RM63 on discount here. And those colourful soft-tip spoons? They're $4.29 (i.e. ±RM13) on iHerb and a whopping RM23.90 on discount here. Haha. Crazy, huh? What's crazier is that I also got $10 off my total bill at iHerb so that effectively means I got 25.9% off whatever iHerb original price I quoted here! How awesome for me!

And now, here's where
it gets good for YOU, too. =p

If you've never placed an order on iHerb before, use my referral code – ZDT612 – and you will receive $10 off your first order of $40 USD or more like I did!! And don't fret if you haven't got that many things to buy. (Although I doubt you wouldn't when you've seen what they've got to offer. =p) You will also get $5 USD off ANY order less than $40 USD... with no minimum purchase amount! =D =D =D

Just so you know, you'll also be doing me a favour by helping me earn online credits when you use my referral code. Haha. Win-win la, right? Cos, really. It's a SUPER steal for you, too. =p Lots of quality health supplements and beauty products there as well. Not just baby stuff. Pages upon pages of everything, all at a discounted price. Can see until go blind. I see the beauty section and baby section for 3 months already still never see finish. Still scrolling. HAHA.

Bestest part of all the best parts is that now, USD is weak. So it's really the perfect timing to buy, buy, buy! So, yes. Go check out now and don't forget to use ZDT612 when you check out so you get your $10 USD discount! Don't say I never share good things with you. =D

Referral Code for Discount: ZDT612

UPDATE AT 9:48PM ON SUNDAY, 26 MAY 2013: ARGH! I forgot to tell you one super important detail! *slaps self* Now is the PERFECT time for you to burst your iHerb cherry cos this month, they've got a special promo – "May Special: Extra 5% off for orders below $60 and 10% off for orders over $60.00! Ends Friday, May 31st, 2013." OMG, what you waiting for?? Hop on over to iHerb now!


Zhen Ying said...

Have you tried anything else besides baby stuff and food ie haircare etc?

Zhen Ying said...

Also, how long did it take for your first order to arrive?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
– Yes! I bought make-up, aromatherapy oil, Badger Balm, aromatherapy shower tablets, bath salts, dish washing liquid... Hahaha. Lots of stuff! Go, go, go! Use my referral code! Didn't take long to arrive leh. If you use the $4 shipping method, then it takes about 2 weeks. Not THAT long lah, right? If you use DHL it's faster. About a week.

iHerb is DA BOMB la.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
– By the way... now's a real good time to shop at iHerb cos...

"May Special: Extra 5% off for orders below $60 and 10% off for orders over $60.00! Ends Friday, May 31st, 2013."

GO, GO, GO!!!

glamclothingline said...

Hi dear just wondering, do you have to pay any additional custom taxes or clearance?

pamsong said...

ATTN: glamclothingline
- No! Not at all! Haha. Amazing right???

musichubstudio said...
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Emily Wan Chi Goh said...

Hi, I am so happy to have found your blog! I am Emily from Malaysia. I was researching online concerning custom taxes as, I have just placed an order of RM700 for 33 products (approx 3kg) from which consist of makeup products and coconut oils. I would like to ask for your thoughts below :

1. I read from other blogs that there will be taxes for products of more than RM500 worth. I wonder if that is true?
2. I am not sure how customs work as this will be my first purchase…but are we taxed based on weight of parcel/price worth of parcel? I am very tempted to order more…but am very concern about the delivery journey of the products…

Any advice? Thanks so much for your help…


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