Thursday, January 05, 2012

Talent Matters

I think it's so important that Art Directors choose the right talents (i.e. models) to represent the brand they're promoting in their ads. Because when they get it wrong, it can go reaaaally wrong. Like this ad that popped up on Tinki Talks last week:

See that ad right at the bottom of the post?

Yeah, the one with the headline:
"Find A Loving Husband!"

A "loving husband"!? Seriously? I mean, seriously!?! That dude??? Which part of his sleazy look says, "I'm a loving husband"?! He looks more like a serial rapist with a shameless "chi ko pek" (that's Hokkien for "horny uncle") smile!! -_-''' Tak boleh pakai laaa... Tengok pun tak boleh telan. Haih.

That's why the Art Directors at KRPG make sure
they put in the time and effort to make sure that
they find just the right talent for all their clients. =p

Tiam Tiam "hard at work" on 27 December 2011. =p


Jerry Sioh said...

Walau eh.....liddat also u can link it together & create story.

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