Monday, January 30, 2012

CNY 2012: Reunion #2

What happened to Reunion #1, you ask? Well, I only made it in time for dessert when it came to that one so... there's nothing much that's bloggable there. Haha. I didn't even take any pictures! #failedblogger It was the immediate-extended (oxymoron much?) dinner for those in Mee's side of the family. Meaning, only those of us who were born of my Kong Kong's (i.e. my maternal grandfather's) bloodline onwards. That effectively consisted of just five of us – me included – minus the other four who were either sick, busy, or in other countries. :-/

Reunion #2, on the other hand was an even cosier affair
with just Dee, Mee, The Husband and I in attendance.

Picture taken after brunch at CRC Chinese Restaurant.

This year, we had our very first self-hosted Song reunion! =) (FYI, Dee and Mee still attended the major Song reunion with the extended family on the Eve of CNY, of course.) We decided to go to CRC Chinese Restaurant for brunch in hopes of ordering my our favourite dishes to celebrate the Lunar New Year but, unfortunately, they were only preparing a specific CNY menu so... bleh. Food not great. Not worth taking pictures.

Now, let me tell you about something else...

Seeing that this was my first year "Sang-ing Ni" to my parents, I decided to ditch most of the traditional stuff like mandarin oranges, kuih kapit and peanut biscuits. Instead, I went borderline unconventional by swapping the regular tong chiang stuff I knew they wouldn't appreciate for other stuff that I knew for sure they'd enjoy tucking into.

Premium New Zealand Cherries in place of Mandarin Oranges!
Still fruit ma. Kira lah, kan? Summore they're RED! Auspicious colour! =p
Sweetheart Cherries from McIntosh Orchard, bought from
a wholesaler in Penang, hence the massive 2kg stash.

 Kit Kat, Lay's Stax Original, Macadamia Nut Chocolates,
Bird's Nest, Bak Kua (not shown) and the NZ cherries (top-right).

I think I did alright. Kit Kat also red packaging wat. AND... I even included some RED Bird's Nest (super traditional) and some Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kua (also si pek traditional lah)! Oh, and not forgetting the most important of the lot:

 Ang pows for Mee and Dee.

So, yes. That was Reunion #2
– our very first one with Dee and Mee. =)

 From L-R: Yours Truly, The Husband: Pixelated, Dee and Mee.

More CNY stories coming up. Stay tuned! =D


Melsong said...

Email me the photos!!!!!

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Melsong
- APA LA LU. I told you that I dropped into my shared folder with Dee and Dropbox and you sendiri emailed me back that you would take from him. And now you hound me here??

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