Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Roti Canai, My Love

Been longing for Roti Canai like crazy most mornings this couple of weeks. Unfortunately, my waistline doesn't quite agree with my stomach's enthusiasm so I've had to tarik handbrake and severely limit my intake. (You have no idea how much weight I have gained in this last few months, okay. It's shocking, horrific and 100% depressing! I'll blog about it one day lah. After I've come to terms with it all being FAT. T____________T)

But last Friday, my resolve crumbled.
I caved and gave in to the call of the carb.

Roti Canai GARING at Arati Villas with lots of Dahl and Kuah Ayam.

And oh, it felt sooooo gooood to be baaad...

*salivates at the memory*


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