Saturday, November 10, 2012

Developed A Sweet Tooth

I've never really been the girl with a sweet tooth. If I got to take my pick of either option, it would definitely be savoury over sweet. Without a doubt; without a second thought. Because of that, I've always been your typical share-a-cake, no-dessert-thank-you, kurang-manis kinda girl.

Until now.

*blink blink*

I'm mean, sure, I still drink kurang manis. And I think I still prefer savoury snacks over sweet ones. But I definitely no longer shun sweet treats the way I used to. In fact, chocolates, cookies and cakes have suddenly become very attractive to me over the last couple of months. @_@ So much so that I have to constantly and consciously hold back and pull the reins on my new-found love for all things sweet and sugary to ensure that I don't become obese or get diabetes or something. :-/

Having said that, meet my latest sweet indulgence:

 Arnott's Tim Tam Fingers.

 Only the Australian-made ones for me, thank you.

"Made In Australia. Exporting To The World."

Discovered it along the aisles of Cold Storage, Gurney Plaza and made an impulse purchase the same day I bought my latest Aesop products. Came home, stuffed my face with it and instantly fell in love. And that's coming from the girl who only less-than-moderately enjoyed chocolates and NEVER liked Tim Tams. @_@ What is happening to me??? :-/ But seriously lah. If you looked at it also you would wonder how I could have resisted Tim Tam's chocolaty charms all this while.

How to resist, I ask you?? So... eat only lah! YUMSSSS!!!


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