Saturday, November 10, 2012


That's me, all excited and ready
for date night with The Husband.

But of course, it wasn't the first picture I took.

I probably ended up with a billion Photobooth shots no thanks to The Husband who just felt like photobombing every single one of my pictures tonight. -_-'''

Gatal wan.

Anyway, this is the first time I'm getting dressed up for a night out with him in a long time (the last was during our first anniversary earlier this year), and this will possibly be the last time in a long time that The Husband and I will be able to go on a one-on-one romantic date together so... it's going to be a night to be cherished indeed! =D

p/s: Please excuse the wet hair, by the way. It's just waaay too hot in Penang to do any blow drying. And, well, I just couldn't be bothered with contact lenses right now so... glasses it is!


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