Saturday, November 24, 2012

Birthday '12: The Birthday Dinner Date

My birthday turned out to be a super cheap one to celebrate this year. Haha. Sup Kambing with the folks the night before (post scheduled for later due to inappropriate timing of content #mysterious), Roti Canai at home for breakfast from Mama, Fried Bee Hoon at home for lunch, then it was hawker centre pizza dinner with The Husband at night. Haha.

He asked me what I wanted to have for dinner for days beforehand but I just couldn't decide. He suggested Harvest Inn but I wasn't too keen on the food there. Nice ambience la but... bleh – nothing great lah. I also considered Bella Marino at Straits Quay for pizza and Wild Mushroom Soup or Tandoori Chicken and Naan at Penang Road but... aiya, mai lah. At the end of the day, it's not the fanciness of the place that matters. It's the food and the company. =) #idealisttalking

It was pretty late by the time we set off cos we got held up by planes, kids, middle-of-nowhere pee breaks and a long drive to the airport and back beforehand. (Long story lah. Lazy to tell.) So by the time we arrived at Bee Hooi Restaurant (it's actually a kopi tiam) for my favourite el cheapo pizza, it was already 9PM.

We parked illegally – no time! no time! – and made a beeline for Frankie Pizza. "Aunty! One Medium Chicken Ham, extra cheese ok?" I ordered in a hurry. "Bo liao!" she replied a nanosecond later. @_@ WTH?? Go all the way there on my birthday only to be told that I can't have what I want? Hell, no. So I asked again, "Abo TWO Small Chicken Ham, extra cheese can?" Also cannot. Why? Cos it turns out the aunty only had ONE small pizza left to sell me. SMALL??? And one only? Where got enough wor?? T_T

She must have seen the disappointment on my face so, to prove it to me, she opened her plastic bag of pizza bases and pointed, "Nah! Lu khua. Bo liao!" (English translation: "Nah! You see. No more!") BUT! Under the perfectly round Small pizza base, I spied a super broken Medium-sized one. Like SUPER broken. Maybe into five pieces or more. But before I knew it... I started begging. @_@

"Aunty... you make for me the Medium la...
Broken also nevermind. You just sell me cheaper lor!"

HAHAHA. Freaking desperado, man. Hahaha.

Unfortunately, she still said, "No." Impossible to fix cos too broken already. But... at the end of the day, my perseverance (and pitiful face =p) paid off. She tried anyways and – after a 15-minute wait – I GOTS ME MUH MEDIUM CHICKEN HAM WITH EXTRA CHEESE FER DINNUH! =D =D =D

And she only charged us RM5 for it. HAHA. Score!

But of course it was real messy to eat lah. Haha. I couldn't even lift a proper slice of the pizza without the base crumbling to bits underneath or the topping sliding off its broken base. But whatever lah. Craving satisfied! I was a happy birthday girl. =)

After that, as planned, The Husband brought me over to Baskin Robbins a few doors away for ice cream. We ordered the Proud Duck special – More is More – and got a free upsize on our order. Yay! (I really hope Vivy wins!! Her promo is really the best of the best.)

Since we get two scoops of ice cream (for just RM7.50!!!), The Husband chose Cotton Candy (@_@) while I picked good ol' Vanilla, my standard ice cream order.

Cotton Candy on Vanilla. 2 scoops for RM7.50.

Baskin Robbins' Cotton Candy flavour tastes like Paddle Pop, if you ask me. Only difference is it's slightly richer in taste and is like a bajillion times more expensive to eat. Haha. Vanilla is still the bigger winner to me.

Anyway, my birthday dinner date turned out to be heavily discounted. Haha. Cheap pizza with a price slash, PLUS ice cream with a free upsize. Haha. Total spending on my dinner minus The Husband's own Chicken Chop? RM5 + RM7.50 = RM12.50 only!

This reminds me of our 2003 Valentine's Day dinner date at Tijuana Burger, SS15 as well as our 2011 Valentine's Day dinner date at KFC, Queensbay Mall. The man is damn lucky he married me, man. I'm a cheap date. HAHA. #shameless


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