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Kuala Lumpur "Bridal Shower" Day Trip, June '11: THE Bridal Shower At T forty two, Bangsar Village 2

Has it really been more than a year since my girl pals tortured me at BV2?? Whoa. Time does fly. A part of me feels like ditching this post altogether and just DVD-R-ing my bridal shower pictures away cos... I mean, it has been so long ago after all. Still worth talking about meh? :-/

BUT... the other part of me feels that if I don't do this... I'll never end up looking at those good-time pictures again, and I would not have really commemorated the moment(s) my wonderful friends planned for me in celebration of my last few days of singlehood. Not cool either. :-/


(Or am I entertaining you instead? Hmmm...)

The venue that was selected for my bridal shower – as recommended by Duh Roads – was T forty two at Bangsar Village 2. And I can see why. It was pretty, and also pretty girly inside. With significant amounts of pinks, and little white flowers to boot.

 Table mat.

 Menu cover.

 White daisies in a tea tin.

Half the group weren't there yet when I arrived with Duh Roads (who picked me up from the airport after my terrible flight down and belanja-ed me lunch at d'Italiane Kitchen, Sunway Giza). So while waiting, we went through the menu. By the time we were done flipping through it, the rest were there. So... on with the bridal shower!

First, they ruined my public image:

And they had lots of fun doing it, too.

As you can see, I was not amused.
I can never show face at BV2 again. -_-'''

Thankfully, soon after, our girly-girl tea arrived and all attention was instantly diverted to the food instead. (PHEW!) We may be girls, but we sure have our heads screwed on right and our priorities straightened out. FOOD. ALWAYS. COMES. FIRST. Hahahaha.


That day, I realised that I don't know how to appreciate macaroons
other than appreciating the way they look. They break funny. @_@

 I attacked the scones instead. Full concentration as you can see.
Don't mess with the bride-to-be when it comes to her food.

Oddly, there were A LOT of knives at the table.

 Flavoured tea in colourful teapots with matching tea cups!

If you're wondering what that present is on the bottom left wonder no more. My wunnerful MOH, Miss Duh Roads, actually prepared a take-home box of goodies for me... and for all of my girls present, too!! (She even included one for my mom for me to take home to her.) My box had a different tag on top, of course. =p

With different insides, too! But... unfortunately, I don't know where that picture went. So cannot show you di. -_-''' Aiya, cut me some slack lah. It's been a year. =p But it was really, really sweet cos she actually BAKED heart cookies for us in butter (light brown cookies) and chocolate (dark brown cookies). She then included some fragrant tea (Twinings brand wan wei) and a candid picture of The Husband (my then fiancé) and I that she or Lamé took when they were up in Penang with us a few weeks earlier.

TheLauderOne pulling a face. 

As you can see, not everyone appreciated the picture though. =p I assume it's cos she doesn't want to keep a picture of her cousin. (Newsflash: In case you didn't know, although TheLauderOne and I are tight friends, The Husband and her happen to be cousins, too.) That face cannot possibly be because she doesn't want to keep a photo of me. #narcissistic

Oh, and remember how I said Duh Roads baked us cookies in our gift boxes? SHE BAKED ME A SUPER PRETTY STRAWBERRY CHEESE CAKE, TOO!!! 

 Isn't that to die for?? It tasted awesome, too.
Not too sweet, light enough to enjoy, and
ooo, the crispy bottom was divine. <3

I was having a really good time with my girls.

Duh Roads and TheLauderOne – my two bridesmaids who were present.
The other one was still in India learning how to drill into teeth.

...but then they suddenly stopped playing nice.

 Plotting and planning.

 I get scared when they talk behind upside-down menus.


And scared I should be cos after the food, came the "fun".

*blink blink*

I won't share what they made me to do but at the end of the day, we basically got banned from our activities (BV2 guard came and halau-ed us), and I ended up a few bucks richer in three currencies. Haha.

 Sing Dollar, Ringgit Malaysia and Aussie Cents
– I have international appeal. HAHA. Wth.

I love my girls for their effort in making my Bridal Shower a blast. Even if it means that we're all not going to be allowed into BV2 again without a leash. =p

ESPECIALLY since all of them who were present are still unmarried ladies... PAYBACK'S GOING TO BE GREAT. MWAHAHAHAHA. That shall be my reward!! Just you wait Duh Roads, TheLauderOne, estherlauderlyn, Lamé and Lissa. Just you wait! When the time comes, revenge will be sweeeeeet. *evil glint in eye*

My girls from L-R: Lissa, TheLauderOne, Duh Roads,
Yours Truly, Lamé and estherlauderlyn.

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Lissa said...

Oh dear... *gulps and hides* NASIB BAIK GOT A FEW MORE YEARS. So you have time to forget. *nods nods*

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Lissa
– Heck, no. You ain't getting away with this. Hahaha.

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