Friday, June 29, 2012

Been A Long Time, Mr Dentist

Was having trouble with one of my molars for awhile now but didn't manage to secure an appointment with the only dental office I trust with my teeth for the longest time. (Fully booked on weekends till September! @_@) So... I put it off. For months! Like, 3 months. Maybe 4. Or more. :-/

But last week, I decided, "CAN. NOT. WAIT. LIAO." The hole – yes, there was a HOLE – in my tooth was getting bigger and bigger and it was starting to become a food trap. I couldn't even chew with the right side of my mouth because food would get lodged in the gaping hole and it would hurt badly! T_T

When I found out I'd be coming back to Penang this weekend for a wedding, I decided to call and get myself a walk-in ticket for Friday instead. By some miracle, the nursed said, "Ok, can. Come in by 9:30AM ok? We'll try to fit you in between appointments, ok? But cannot choose dentist ok?" So... OK LAH! ONZ!

Well, that Friday is today,
and my appointment was this morning.

 Torture tools.

I usually LOVE going to the dentist. (True story.)
I know it sounds crazy but The Husband knows this about me.

But what he didn't know was...
this time, I was scared out of my mind.

What's different, you ask?

Well, you see, I'm usually the kind of mental dental patient that goes in and goes, "Ahhh...," without a problem. BUT... if a problem does arise and some drilling work needs to be done, I'll just tell the dentist, "Eh, just cucuk one big needle into my mouth and make sure I don't feel a thing, ok? Thank you." So now you know! That's my secret. Hahaha. No pain, no fear ma, right? Haha.

But this time around, I knew I would need to have some work done on that troublesome molar. So drilling is pretty much a guarantee. But, I also decided before going that I didn't want the numbing jab if I didn't absolutely have to take it. So that means... PAIN IS A BIG POSSIBILITY. Which then means, LOTS OF FEAR.


Which was when I Facebooked this picture:

some people just chose to think
what they wanted to think. Haha.

But thankfully, the dentist was gentle, quick and kind. Turns out I had two fallen fillings for him to work on – one super minor, and the other I knew of that was pretty major. But in spite of that, it was all over in a jiffy! I was only in his chair for a half hour. And, I only felt sensitivity ONCE without any injections whatsoever. (Considering the MASSIVE HOLE, that's a miracle in itself.)

Bottom line? Penang Dental Surgery FTW!!!
This is why I only trust my teeth with them. =)


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